Saturday, June 25, 2011


Still on vacation, but will return in July.

Haven't been playing at all, so it's going to be a fun month when I return to YGO.

Until then, I'm thinking of a couple of articles, decks, and strategies, as well as interesting cards to post about.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kachi Kochi Dragon

Rank 4/Dragon/Exceed

2 Level 4 monsters
Once per turn, if this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, you can detach 1 Exceed Material from this card to allow this card to attack once again, immediately.

Well, yet another interesting exceed monster. However, this one differs from the pack in terms that this one is meant to be more aggressive than control. So of course, this had to grab my interest. Getting an extra attack for the cost of an exceed material is quite nice. Not just that, an aggressive-natured exceed makes me wonder whether aggression or control will be the overall predominant trait. But for now, this card seems to be like an awesome addition to any extra deck, especially since it's one of the better Rank 4 monsters I have seen.

Bueno, ahora vemos otro monstruo exceed bien interesante. Pero, esta carta es diferente ya que se ve mas agresiva que controladora. Asi que esto fue un gran punto de interes. Poder atacar una segunda vez por el precio de un "exceed material" es un bastante bueno. No solo esto, viendo esta carta agresiva me hace pensar si los exceeds seguiran siendo controladoras, o si van a predominar la caracteristica agresiva. Pero por ahora, esta carta se ve como una gran carta para poner en el extra deck, especialmente al ser uno de los mejores Rango 4 que he visto.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Evolkaiser Ragia

Rank 4/Dinosaur/Exceed
2 Level 4 Dinosaur-Type monsters
You can detach 2 Exceed Materials from this card to negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card OR the Normal or Special Summon of a monster, and destroy that card.

And there it is, yet another incredible Exceed Monster. As I said previously, it seems these guys will have more orientation towards control in difference to the agressive nature Synchro Monsters possess. And Evolkaiser Ragia is no exception to this "Exceed Control" trait. Removing 2 materials in order to basically become a Solemn Judgment with legs is no laughing matter. It's effect uses both materials as a cost, so your one and only negation will have to be used wisely. Indeed another balanced card.

Y aqui esta, otro monstruo exceed bastante increible. Como he dicho anteriormente, parece que los exceeds van a ser mas orientados al control a diferencia de los synchros, que son mas agresivos. Y Evolkaiser Ragia no es excepcion a la caracteristica de "Exceed Control." Removiendo dos materiales para convertirse en un Solemn Judgment con patas no es nada para reirse. Su efecto de negar solo se puede usar una vez, asi que lo que vas a negar tendra que ser importante. En verdad es una carta bien balanceada.

Not only that, but it gives Dinosaurs an excellent new toy. Juracs and Hydrogeddon welcome this with open arms.

No solo eso, pero los dinosaurios ahora tienen un nuevo juguete. Los Juracs y Hydrogeddon le dan la bienvenida.

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