Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weenie Decks: Small Battles of Big Proportions

Weenie decks are something we see in both Yugioh and Magic, with both being considerable decks in any style of the game itself. So what are weenie decks? Basically, weenie decks consist of a deck that relies on smaller fighters to gain victory and overpower your opponent. So let's take a look at Weenie Decks for both Magic and Yugioh.

Magic Weenie Decks:

In MTG, weenie decks consist of decks that function well with everything being of a cost of 3 mana or less. This includes creatures, auras, equipments, and instants that combine to make the deck a force to be reckoned with. In weenie decks, most creatures would cost between 1 and 2 mana, with creatures of 3 mana still seen but in lesser numbers. Creatures with converted mana cost 4 or more normally tend to be the "boss monsters" of the deck, usually having some kind of relation to the deck. In times, weenie decks may use Planeswalkers as their boss monsters as can be the case of Elspeth.

Elspeth not only can create 1/1 soldiers, but make your smaller creatures a lot more powerful. There are other planeswalkers that follow their own distinct strategy, but some such as Garruk (the new one), Gideon Jura (with his final ability), and Ajani Vengeant can all be good considerable bosses for weenie decks.

But weenie decks aren't all low cost creatures, they also depend on stuff to turn them into considerable opponents. Whether it be Auras or Equipments, these cards can easily turn your 2/1 weenie with flying (random example) into a 4/3 flying with double strike, for example. Cards like these provide easier control of the game, as you can not only gain bigger creatures for a lower cost, but keep mana reserved for any defensive spells you might play.

As a final verdict, MTG weenie decks rely on a combination of low cost cards to overpower your opponent and swarm the field with an army of small creatures that can do big damage. Weenie decks are known for gaining big advantage in early games, so they can be a force to be reckoned with.

Yugioh Weenie Decks:

Now, while YGO doesn't have any resource system, it can still have weenie decks. These, however follow a similar concept of using small monsters to gain big advantage, but weenie decks here have changed across the ages. Most weenie decks now have the ability to Synchro summon massively, but since the bosses come from the Extra Deck, the main deck can still consist of weenies to make the deck work. However, there are still decks that are true to the weenie deck nature, while there are others in similar nature but use their weenies for a bigger purpose.

The first weenie decks we see in YGO are level 3 or lower monsters that are the core of the deck, and have a strategy that revolves around them. An example of a pure weenie deck in YGO can be a Wetlands oriented deck. All their monsters are level 2 or lower and use the field to gain a major buff that allows them to compete with the big monsters on their own. Not only that, but it gives them access to bigger monsters with greater ease. For most cases, these weenie decks use either fields or continuous effects (from either spells, traps, or the monsters themselves) to gain attack, while mostly ignoring equipments (contrary to MTG where auras and equipments buff individual monsters).

And then there's the other type of weenie deck, which uses a combination of level 3 or lower monsters to gain access to bigger monsters (such as Synchros or Xyz). Decks like these consist of massive swarming with said creatures and bring out either 1 or 2 big monsters by either using their effects to recruit from the deck or be used in conjunction with other monsters to gain advantage. Weenie cards that fit this category are monsters like The Immortal Bushi, Deepsea Diva, Junk Synchron, and Tour Guide From the Underworld.

Said monsters can for bring their own massive plays. Junk Synchron can be summoned if Bushi is on the field to bring back a level 2 and make a Junk Destroyer, one of the boss monsters of their deck. Diva recruits for easy level 5 synchros on her own, or combined with another Diva can make 2 synchros if combined with other monsters. As for Tour Guide, it can make an Xyz monster out of thin air due to it's effect.

Final Verdict:

While MTG Weenie Decks may be of a similar fashion, they all tend to be pretty powerful on their own. Meanwhile, YGO Weenie Decks tend to have multiple purposes. While one of their weenie styles may be similar to the MTG mentality of small creatures gaining huge power, it's the "weenie swarm for big bosses" strategy that is predominant in this game.

Weenie decks can be a force to be reckoned with if not careful. Just because you see small monsters, doesn't mean they are easy to deal with. For these decks, there's strength in numbers.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sun Titan

Since getting back into Magic, not only have I learned my primary playstyle, but I have also transitioned smoothly between my time away and my time active due to keeping that MTG mentality throughout.

For now, my main deck is a Green-White Weenie Deck focused on swarming and buffing creatures with Auras and Equipment. However, even weenie decks gotta have a boss at some time. In my case, my boss monster is a white giant.

Enter Sun Titan:

Now, while 6 mana does seem counterproductive to the whole weenie theme, it does serve as a great boss in either 1 or 2 in a deck. And what makes Sun Titan so special for weenie decks? It's ability to put cards with 3 mana or less back into play. Since weenie decks use mostly 3 mana for everything, Titan can bring back essential creatures, equipments, or even attach used Auras back into it.

This last use is the best one, since you can give Sun Titan an added boost just by having it hit the field or declaring an attack. Not just that, but it also helps you swarm your previously used creatures, so keeping field advantage will be facilitated as well.

Even in MTG, we sometimes add bosses to our decks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Meant to post yesterday, but the hurricane really set those plans back. So perhaps I should post the bullet points I wanted to get across yesterday.

I have a feeling that the "Storm + 3 MST" format might have been blown right out of proportion. Yes, I'm still upset regarding the banlist...but I'm starting to think it's not what people might say it's going to be.

Yes, Twilight and LS decks are going to be running rampant. However, who is to say X-Sabers won't rise to the occasion? They benefit from this format as well, and are a great deck. Vayu Turbo and BW decks will also be seeing a rise in play, and Agents are still a great choice for the format.

Sure, everyone is going to lean towards Chaos...but a deck that relies on mills is far from perfect, but if you know how to control it, then you will survive. Will the meta be all chaos? Only time will tell.

As for Anti-Meta, it's not dead...we will adapt. New methods of going against the meta will be developed.

As for Tour Guide (second time mentioned in my blog), it is NOT a needed card for this format. Yes, you gain advantage from it...but it's not the law to use it.

I still don't like this format, but I'm trying to be optimistic.

That's all I got tonight...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ajani Vengeant

The MTG posts are back! Not just that, I'm finally making my way back into this game, even though my decks have to start from scratch due to accidentally sending them in a moving process. However, I'm going to start by talking about my favorite planeswalker, Ajani Vengeant.

Why Ajani? Well, it suits my playstyle the best. In MTG, I find myself being an aggro player who tends to lean towards weenie builds or swarm decks. However, Ajani was the first planeswalker I ever used in my old Naya deck, my favorite aggro deck.

Not just that, but Ajani is coming back in a duel deck, so I figured I would talk a bit about him...just so I could get back into the MTG feeling...

Ajani helped bring control to those aggro decks by either tapping a creature that could be dangerous (allowing you to attack freely), or inflicting damage to a strong creature so it will be destroyed by the effect itself or by blocking your attacks.

How does this tie into anything new, you ask? Well, if you find yourself making a weenie aggro deck, chances are it's a mix of any of Naya's colors (unless you're using Goblins, since some can be Black/Red). If you are using any WR weenie deck especially, Ajani can prove to be a worthy ally.

I think that finally got me into the mood, perhaps more posts on newer MTG stuff soon...

Friday, August 19, 2011

About Starlight Road

Everyone is talking about how it's going to be THE response to Storm this format and how it will magically save your deck from destruction. Yes, it's a good card...but it's always been situational. Sorry to say this, but Road is still vulnerable to 3 MST or any other means of singular destruction.

Is it a good card to still use in a side deck? Yes, especially if you know the deck is destruction-heavy and will be of some use. But maining it, I'm not too sure.

Not just that, but it's still too easily countered by cards like Trap Stun, especially now that chainable traps are going to see more use.

But it's too early to tell, we need more time for the meta to develop.

But for now, those are my thoughts on the card. Good, but very situational. Overhyped defenses.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preparing for September

Well, the banlist pretty much took my Fish deck and threw it into a desert, made my Gravekeeper's lose their control aspect, gave my anti-meta deck a reason to stop right in it's tracks. However, it made my Blackwings happy. So I ended up with 1/4th of a benefit.

But with a new format come new decks, and those that are adjusted to the new format accordingly.

Trying to see if MachinaTown can work now, since Heavy + Geartown = Maximum lulz

I know Frog Monarchs aren't an option with Formula banned, but I might work them in their old control style with Vanity's Fiend and the like, perhaps adding a few cards to update it as my anti-meta build.

Thinking of switching over my Keepers from a control build to a more aggro style with a bigger focus on swarm, and perhaps Xyz/Synchro summoning.

I'm also thinking of remaking my newly remade (kinda redundant) Vanity Gadgets, since it's not the first time the deck faced Storm.

Also interested in trying Flamvell...but not sure yet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

September 2011 Format List

Forbidden Cards 「禁止カード」:

Fishborg Blaster「フィッシュボーグ-ガンナー」
Mind Master「メンタルマスター」
Giant Trunade「ハリケーン」
Royal Oppression「王宮の弾圧」

Restriction Cards 「制限カード」:

Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning「カオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-」
Debris Dragon「デブリ・ドラゴン」
Lonefire Blossom「ローンファイア・ブロッサム」
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En「真六武衆-シエン」
Tech Genus Hyper Librarian「TG ハイパー・ライブラリアン」
Formula Synchron 「フォーミュラ・シンクロン」
Heavy Storm 「大嵐」
Primal Seed「原初の種」
Shien's Smoke Signal「紫炎の狼煙」
Pot of Avarice「貪欲な壺」

Semi-Restriction Cards 「準制限カード」:

Summoner Monk「召喚僧サモンプリースト」
Necro Gardna「ネクロ・ガードナー」
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier「氷結界の虎王ドゥローレン」
Destiny Draw「デステニー・ドロー」
Swords of Revealing Light「光の護封剣」
Mind Crush「マインドクラッシュ」
Call of the Haunted「リビングデッドの呼び声」

No longer restricted 「準制限」:

Judgment Dragon「裁きの龍」
Spirit Reaper「魂を削る死霊」
Overload Fusion「オーバーロード・フュージョン」
Mystical Space Typhoon「サイクロン」
Gravity Bind「グラヴィティ・バインド-超重力の網-」
Icarus Attack「ゴッドバードアタック」

First off, holy crap! I'm not too happy with this list. Yes, Plants got slowed down a bit. Yes, some problematic synchros got put in their place, and yes...Samurai got shot in the leg. However, there are some things in this list I find questionable.

Heavy Storm back just means once again an OTK Format is upon us. MST at 3 just seems to punish a player's defenses more. Come to think of it, this format seems like it wants to punish defensive players who aren't going all out for an OTK. Control and Anti-Meta decks are going to have a harder time surviving, especially with Oppression banned.

That's what made me rage, Oppression banned. It wasn't broken at all, especially since it was a good way to counter massive special summoning. However, since all decks were splashing it and using it to their advantage after their swarm, I can assume this was the reasoning behind it. Still, it upsets me that it got the banhammer, especially with Storm coming back.

Storm and MST at 3 just makes my Gravekeeper deck feel useless since they won't have as much control anymore.

Icarus at 3 is a surprise, and might cause Blackwings to rise once again (in the TCG, since they already are awesome in the OCG).

BLS at 1 and JD at 3, combined with Necro Gardna's semi status just gave Twilight decks the green light once again. So I guess it will be a format full of "Edward Decks" going crazy all over the place.

Fishborg Blaster makes me sad, especially since it was a key card in my Fish deck. Frog Monarchs also take a hit with this, but still have other ways to bring out their lone Formula Synchron. As for my Fish deck, it's mourning the loss of a good comrade. Good night, sweet prince...

Overall, I'm not too happy with the list. I think it's promoting more OTK formats and will banish diversity once again. More than that, control players will be punished more since backrow is in greater danger and Oppression is gone.

Decks with little to no backrow will be dominant this format, but only time will tell if this will be true.

So let the madness begin! I think it's time for me to get in touch with Magic: The Gathering once again...I am going to a game that still has skill and promotes thought. And no, I'm not quitting YGO...just probably gonna play both again.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vanity Gadgets: The Tengu Wars

With my previous Plant match ending badly, as well as the new TCG rulings for Xyz monsters, I have been struggling with the thought of remaking a specific deck and using Tengu to support it.

However, it's the one deck that was my most fun creation and most successful one in tourneys. But I struggled against using Tengu for a while, until I gave in and decided to use it in the deck. The name "Tengu Wars" comes from the time this format sees itself, since all decks that battle all have Tengu in them. And since "Vanity Gadgets" was the creation many know me for, it marks a new chapter in the "VG" saga.

A while back I said I was working on an upgrade for the deck, but it was eventually turned into Gravekeeper's.

So here it is, the new chapter of Vanity Gadgets, "The Tengu Wars"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playing Against Tengu Plants...

Or as it's being called now, "Synchro Monsters." Only deck that did a considerable damage against it was Fish.

I mean, this deck was way too fast. While we don't have Quasar yet, I did know what it's like to see the field get prepared for one (even without Librarian). The deck is way too insane.

Tengu was the main problem there, since it allowed 2 synchros and a Caius in 1 turn...

My Crusher Control deck was obliterated, my Machina Gadgets were overpowered, and my Fish, while they did manage to OTK once, were also vulnerable.

Wondering what the deck is going to be like post-September...

On other notes, I'm gonna be experimenting with a few more decks once again:
-Focusing on completing my "What the f!sh" deck
-Remaking my Machina deck
-Going to give my Blackwing deck some love and use it...

Monday, August 8, 2011

September Lists Going About...

I'm starting to see many circulate around the web these days. Gotta love the month before the format changing list...

Players go insane and try to speculate and manipulate everyone into thinking their list is the real deal. Some use it to capitalize on trades, others get stuff for a quick buck, while others do it just for fun.

I'm just going to sit back and watch the mayhem. Gotta love Pre-List Season, it's awesome.

Friday, August 5, 2011

TCG Rulings for Xyz Monsters: Part 2

Well, after asking around a bit I managed to get some questions answered regarding the TCG Rulings for Xyz monsters. Last post was a rant more or less, so today's post is more informative.

Here are a few ruling updates for Xyz Monsters under the TCG:

1. Xyz Materials are indeed considered on the field and cards like Sangan or Tengu have their effects activate once detached. They DO NOT activate when used for an Xyz summon.

2. The materials still get sent to the graveyard with Dimensional Fissure. They do, however, get banished if Macro Cosmos or Banisher of the Radiance is on the field.

3. The materials aren't considered monsters or recognized on the field, so they can't be targeted by effects nor do they get their field effects.

4. If the Xyz is removed from the field, the materials are simply sent to the graveyard, not destroyed.

5. Book of Moon won't make an Xyz lose their materials (strange one, huh?)

With the whole "materials are considered to be on the field" clause in effect, there are a few cards that are going to be quite useful with these rulings.

Cards that benefit from this ruling are:

-Reborn Tengu
-Gravekeeper's Recruiter
-Goblin Zombie
-XX Saber Darksoul

There are still questions with these new rulings dropping so suddenly. However, once any new updates are known, I will be posting them (how it affects Plaguespreader, for example).

As for my take on the rulings after having some time to calm down from my rage, I'm gonna feel bad for being able to search when I know I'm not supposed to. However, it's been deemed as the official ruling and there's nothing I can do about it, whether I like it or not. So if the situation came, I will apply the TCG rulings for Xyz from now on until I'm told otherwise.

Sometimes we don't like a way something is ruled, but that's part of every game. If we quit because of it, then were probably weren't enjoying this game at all. No more rage, time to make strategies and prepare!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

TCG Rulings for Xyz Monsters

So Kevin Tewart posts on the judge page that Xyz material monsters are indeed considered on the field.

This takes the cake. I mean, really? This turns the game into a completely different one now. The rulings are going to be a whole mess.

Not just that, if Xyz materials are considered to be on the field, would Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos/Banisher of the Radiance prevent said materials from being used? Because if we go by that logic, the materials are still on the field. Would that render all Xyz monsters useless?

Can you target Xyz materials with cards like Raigeki Break or Icarus Attack, since they are considered to still be on the field?

Can Caius remove a material now?

Not just that, but Reborn Tengu and Sangan just went to a whole new category of monster. Tengu now can search when detached and Sangan gets to search when detached. Not happy about this.

And what about Plaguespreader Zombie or Bolt Hedgehog? Will the little guys be removed if brought back by their own effects and then used as Xyz materials?

I rarely complain about this game, since I tend to enjoy it as much as I can. But in my 8 years in Yugioh, I have never seen something as outrageous as this!

While most people may be happy about the positives these rulings might give for Sangan and Tengu, it raises way too many questions and will probably mess the game up due to conflicting mechanics and rulings in other scenarios.

So the bad outweighs the good.

So many questions, so little answers...

Let chaos begin!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lost Blue Breaker

Rare double-post night. However, one of the final TCG Exclusives for GENF has been revealed...and it's a really fun card.

If there is another face-up Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster on the field: You can Tribute this card to target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field; destroy that target.

First of all, I'm really liking this card. Second, I hope it's a rare because it would be sad to have it as a secret rare (especially since I want 3).

This card is quite amazing when combined with Treeborn Frog or Deepsea Diva, for example, since you already meet the card's activation cost. It's requirement makes sure it's a candidate for BaniFish decks, since it can be removed and recycled if you want. Not just that, it's also quite searchable. It might not be revolutionary, but it certainly is a cool card.

Also notice how it says any Fish, Sea-Serpent, or Aqua type ON THE FIELD...that's right, it's even better when your opponent helps you meet the conditions.

And yes, tributing itself isn't exactly the best way to spend a summon, but it's requirement makes sure you don't stay defenseless.

Overall, this is a great card and I'm looking forward to playing it in either my BaniFish Deck (hopefully I will obtain it soon) or it might find some room in my old Codarus Control deck (Codarus+LBB=Eliminate 3 cards!). I dunno, worth a shot.

Steelswarm Roach

2 Level 4 monsters

When a Level 5 or higher monster is Special Summoned: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the Special Summon and destroy it.

Clearly this is going to be the most searched for card during the GENF sneak preview. But to be honest, I think it's good but not as broke as people claim it to be.

First off, it's still a great card. It's definitely a must have in any extra deck, but not in 3's. If you have 1 Roach in your extra deck you're set, while 2 doesn't hurt if you're going for more control. Yes, it stops special summons of level 5 or higher by removing a material. However, it's still vulnerable to Xyz monsters.

It's still quite the power card, as it can stop essential cards like Librarian or Shi En. However, I think there's too much hype for this card.

Gadgets love this deck, as well as any "Anti" deck that could abuse Roach's effect. But it's still good to have in any extra deck, as previously mentioned.

I will be keeping my eyes out for this card, but I'm not willing to buy it...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, as a little experiment I decided to also post another version of my blog on Tumblr. A fellow blogger asked us on the pojo forums about using Tumblr as a medium and while I'm unsure about the results it might bring as compared to sites like blogger, I'm happy to announce I will be experimenting with Tumblr.

What does this mean for the regular blog? No change at all. All content from the original blog will be found on the Tumblr page and vice versa.

Blogger audience, my Tumblr is found at but I won't be going anywhere. This is still the main site.

Let's see how this little experiment works out and hopefully, it will bring good results.

Generation Force: Sneak Preview

Well, looks like there's too many rarity bumps in this set to ever think I'm going to walk out with everything I want.

At first, my want list looked like this:

-All Xyz monsters
-Gagaga Magician
-Orient Dragon
-Pain Painter
-Wonder Wand
-Any HERO stuff I can get
-Absolute Crusader
-The Wind-Up cards
-The Banishing Fish/Sea-Serpent/Aqua deck
-Gear Gearano
-Blue-Blooded Oni

But once the rarity bumps were seen, my list is starting to change to what I hope to get...

-Leviathan Dragon (2 perhaps?)
-Any Xyz I can find, even if it has to be Aero Shark
-Levial/Roach by some miracle
-Gagaga Magician
-Any HERO stuff I can still get, hopefully Vapor and Mask Change
-Wind-Up cards
-Banish deck
-Commons I could find useful

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