Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tournament Report

Game Wizard tournament 1/30/10

First Place

Player: Anthony
Deck: Gladiator Beasts

Second Place:

Player: Neos
Deck: Blackwing

Third Place

Player: Casper
Deck: Moja

Fourth Place:

Player: (can't remember name)
Deck: Gemini

And a notable mention goes to the player who got 5th, who could have won it if the machine would have picked him for the top 4:

Player: Julio
Deck: Norleras Twilight

Friday, January 29, 2010

Absolute Powerforce...What I'm after.

With the sneak preview event for Absolute Powerforce just one week away, it's time to show off some of the cards I'm anxiously awaiting.

First off, we see the obvious as mentioned a few posts ago, Claymore Dud is among those anticipated cards.

However, something else that's in my list is the Gravekeeper support coming out. Gravekeeper's Descendant, Gravekeeper's Visionary, Gravekeeper's Priestess and Gravekeeper's Stele are all cards worth getting if you also plan on playing them.

Gravekeeper's Stele is what really attracts me the most. It's effect lets you add 2 Gravekeeper's monsters from your graveyard to your hand, ignoring the effect of Necrovalley. This works for my new Gravekeeper's deck, since I have a little plan for it...and it involves Deep Sea Diva!

With Diva, I can synch into Spy or any other monster and get access to Brionac. The real magic begins if Stele is in hand. Discard 2 Greavekeeper's monsters with Brionac's effect, just to get them back with Stele. Another good monster to have in this kind of deck would be Iron Chain Dragon, letting loose and milling your opponent's deck and disrupting them. Just make sure to avoid this last part when playing against Lightsworn.

But ABPF not only has stuff for the Gravekeeper's, it also contains new support for standard water decks in the form of Codalos and Forgotten Underwater Temple.

Codalos allows you to send 2 cards your opponent controls by tributing "A Legendary Ocean" on your side of the field. So since it doesn't destroy, it allows you to bypass such cards like Stardust Dragon. But you probably are wondering, "but then it will stay vulnerable after the field is gone, what about the other monsters?"

Simple, that's where Forgotten Underwater Temple comes in.

It's effect reads:

While this card is on the field, its name is treated as "Umi". Once per turn, you can select and remove from play 1 face-up Level 4 or lower Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster you control. Special Summon the monster removed from play by this effect during the End Phase.
So that gives you 3 extra "Umi" cards to use for Codalos. Not only that, but it provides necessary protection against cards like Mirror Force, Brain Control, Mind Control, Lightning Vortex, and others.

Vanity Gadgets will also be getting some new toys in this set. Besides Claymore Dud, there's a new monster that will be useful against Zombie Decks in the current meta...Holy Light!

Holy Light prevents the normal and special summoning of any DARK monster, plus it isn't destroyed by battle by any DARK monster already on the field.

While it may not be in the main deck, this card will find it's home in the side deck. While Lightsworn does dominate our meta at the moment, it's a card you would most likely want to have in your side deck for when you run into Zombies, Twilight variants, and especially Blackwings.

Junk and Debris also gets a new toy. Harmony's Treasure provides a secondary draw card to the deck aside from Allure (for DARK variants) or Moray of Greed (for WATER variants). I would like to see how this works, since sadly the only target would be Debris Dragon. But still worth noting...a good card to have just in case.

Last, but not least, Battle Fader is the last card on my list for this set. Being summoned upon a direct attack, it immediately ends the battle phase and is removed from play if it somehow leaves the field. This is still quite handy, since it's another alternative to Gorz and Tragoedia, and tribute/synchro fodder in your next turn.

With all these cards already coming out, it's no surprise this set will be a very good one. However, there are some TCG Exclusives yet to be discovered, as well as the OCG imports, so we may have some surprises left.

Other notable cards in this set are Cyber Dragon Zwei, Super Nimble Mega Hamster, the synchros, X-Saber support, as well as Fiendish Chain, Alien Brain, Reverse World, and Core Transport Unit.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sin Stardust Dragon

Could this be indirect Earthbound Immortal support?

Podrá esta carta ayudar a los decks de los Immortales Terrestres?

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 "Stardust Dragon" from your Extra Deck. There can only be 1 face-up "Sin" monster on the field. When this card is face-up on the field, other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. If there is no face-up Field Spell Card on the field, destroy this card. While this card is face-up, a Field Spell card(s) cannot be destroyed.

Esta carta no puede ser Invocada de Modo Normal ni Colocada. Esta carta puede únicamente ser Invocada de Modo Especial retirando del juego 1 "Dragón de Polvo de Estrellas" desde su Deck Extra. Puede haber únicamente 1 monstruo "Pecador" en el campo. Cuando esta carta esta boca arriba en el campo, cualquier otro monstruo que controles no puede declarar un ataque. Si no hay una Carta Mágica de Campo boca arriba en el campo, destruye esta carta. Cuando esta carta está boca arriba en el campo, Carta/s Mágica/s de Campo no pueden ser destruida/s.

The best way to exploit this would be with Chacu Challhua. Use it's effect to inflict burn damage, while you attack with Sin Stardust Dragon. However, it's also good tech for any deck that relies on field spells.

La mejor forma de usar esta carta seria con el inmortal, Chacu Challhua. Usa su efecto para infligir daño directo, mientras Sin Stardust Dragon ataca. De todos modos, es una buena adición a los decks que usan cartas de campo.

Mausoleum decks will benefit greatly from this, especially the variants that use Skill Drain.

Decks que usan "Mausolem of the Emperor" benefician de esto, especialmente las versiones que corren "Skill Drain."

Field spells that are worth protecting with this card are: Mausoleum of the Emperor, Black Garden, Necrovalley, Fusion Gate (for some OCG Hero decks), along with Harpie's Hunting Ground (won't get destroyed if it's the only spell card on the field) and Ojama Country (for kicks).

Algunas magias de campo que valen la pena proteger con esta carta son Mausoleum of the Emperor, Black Garden, Necrovalley, Fusion Gate (para los heroes en el OCG), al igual que Harpie's Hunting Ground (no se destruye si es la unica carta en el campo) y Ojama Country (suena interesante).

Some field spells you should avoid if you plan on using this card would be Geartown and A Legendary Ocean. Both are useful on the field, but also shine off it.

Algunos campos que debes evitar si planificas usar son "Geartown" y "A Legendary Ocean" ya que ambos no solo son útiles en el campo, sino que también tienen efectos útiles al salir del campo.

Either way, Sin Stardust Dragon is a good card to use if you plan on using any deck that relies on field spells.

De todos modos, Sin Stardust Dragon es una buena carta si estas planificando usarla en cualquier deck que use magias de campo.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Claymore Dud

This card is has great potential! I'm going to main it in Vanity Gadgets 1.5

Activate by selecting 2 Attack Position monsters on the field. When either of the selected monsters are removed from the field, this card is destroyed. When this card is destroyed, those monsters are destroyed.

It makes for great removal. Let's say one of your monsters is about to get destroyed, chain Claymore Dud and designate your own and any monster your opponent controls you want gone. Boom! Problem solved.

Pesky Judgment Dragon causing problems in your game? Let Claymore Dud take care of that for you!

This is one of the many good cards coming out in Absolute Powerforce next month, and it's quite exciting. Anti-Meta decks are going to enjoy running this, even if it's just in the side deck.

Finding something interesting...

This video drove me nuts when I first saw it. As a fish player, it made me want to try something like that out, but sadly, some of the key cards aren't here yet.

Este video me volvió loco la primera vez que lo vi. Como un jugador de peces, me inspiró a hacer algo parecido a lo que vi en el video, pero algunas cartas todavía no han llegado.

The strategy involves around having Genex Undine and Genex Controller move the deck, while dumping water monsters to the graveyard, while adding Controller to your hand. This deck also uses a good amount of normal monsters, which allows for Coelacanth's recovery from the grave via Symbols of Duty for a quick swarm.

La estrategia del video involucra usar el efecto de "Genex Undine" para mover el deck, botando un monstruo agua al cementerio mientras añades a "Genex Controller" a tu mano. El deck también usa un buen numero de monstruos normales, cual le da uso a "Symbols of Duty" cual puedes usar para revivir a Coelacanth del cementerio para llenar el campo de peces rápidamente

However, the strategy may be a bit unorthodox to some. The deck carries over 20 monsters, which is common only in Lightsworn. It's overly aggressive and meant to work fast, despite the deck size. It has lots of backup solutions for protection and could be a new way to run fish once the Genex cards arrive over in our side of the world.

Pero, la estrategia del deck se puede ver como una rara para algunos. Este deck lleva sobre 20 monstruos, una característica común solamente en Lightsworn. Es bien agresivo y hecho para funcionar rápidamente, considerando el tamaño del deck. Tiene muchos resuelves para protección en forma de otros monstruos y puede ser una nueva forma de correr peces cuando las cartas "Genex" lleguen a nuestra parte del mundo.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Archetype Analysis: Lightsworn

Welcome to "Archetype Analysis," a section where I break down the different archetypes found in this game and break them down to see what makes them tick. First off, we begin with the current kings of the meta (emphasis on "current"), the Lightsworns.

Where to begin?

The Lightsworn Army

First of all, the one thing that makes these guys tick is their ability to go through the deck like nothing. Cards like Jain, Lyla, Lumina, and Arkus serve as great support for the theme, but also provide good milling. The members of this army are also supported by Ryko, who's effect allows not only milling, but a nice destruction bonus to boot. Lyla helps remove those pesky spell and trap cards, while Lumina helps you bring back your fallen comrades with her effect.

The Surprise Factor

One thing that makes Lightsworns unique is their reliance on luck to mill the right things into the graveyard. However, this will be referred to the "Surprise Factor" for neutrality's sake. With the constant milling effects Lightsworns have, the end of the turn always brings some surprises. Will they mill monsters? How about having them lose some spells or traps in the process? But wait...what if they mill...HIM. That's right! The one card that benefits the most from this "Surprise Factor" is none other than Wulf, one crucial aspect of the Lightsworn's aggression team.
By being milled to the graveyard from the deck, Wulf is able to join the fray and smack others around with his 2100 Attack, which is no laughing matter when you consider a monster of that strength basically being summoned for free.

The Age of Twilight

However, what successful army doesn't have a powerful alliance with others? The Lightsworns are no exception to this rule. During their battles, they have found success in the company of some of powerful allies like Honest, Necro Gardna, and Plaguespreader Zombie. However, the Lightsworns have met some allies in their latest battles that caused them to reach the deepest depths of chaos. By aligning themselves with Dark Armed Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer, along with other Dark creatures, they have entered the new realm of power, commonly known as "Twilight" by many.
By creating an alliance with the forces of darkness, they have gained new strength that seemed somehow impossible, yet inevitable at the same time. The Lightsworns of the Twilight realm have also gained access to the Synchro Monsters with the help of Plaguespreader Zombie.
Another unlikely alliance the Lightsworns have made lies with the army of the dead. By uniting their forces with the forces of their fallen foes, Lightsworns and Zombies have also united to bring a different aspect to the realm of Twilight as we know it. Consisting of Mezuki, Goblin Zombie, and sometimes Zombie Master, the Lightsworns have become nearly unstoppable.

However, what's an army without their commanding generals?

The Bosses, Lightsworn's Biggest Hitters

So, they have a massive army composed of their own soldiers, soldiers of darkness, and the forces of the dead. But that doesn't seem well enough for them. In order for the Lightsworn army to fully take down their enemies, they need the guidance of their two strongest commanders, Celestia and Judgment Dragon. Celestia is certainly a force to be reckoned with. By offering one of their own soldiers as a tribute, she is able to blast away up to two of their opponent's threats. She also helps the mill process, so she could reinforce Wulf on command if it came to that occasion.

However, Celestia is but one of their main forces. Their main powerhouse has yet to enter the fray. When four different Lightsworns have fallen, Judgment Dragon enters the fray to purge the souls of the unclean and turn the battlefield into a desolate wasteland filled with destruction and despair. Judgment Dragon has a restriction though, he can't enter the field unless those 4 comrades have fallen. Once their battle is over, it's his time to cast judgment upon his enemies. This dragon is certainly a force to be reckoned with, as it can destroy the field by paying just 1000 Lifepoints, and it's not limited to once per turn (talking to you, Gorz).

The Achilles Heel to the Dominant Army

Lightsworns rely mostly on milling, so Macro oriented plays will screw them up. Since most macro cards prevent access to the graveyard, Lightsworns will find themselves unable to mill, thus slowing down their effectiveness. Macro also won't allow the use of Honest during battle.
Another main weakness to the Lightsworns is the fact that they rely on special summoning a lot. Cards like Royal Oppression, Rai-Oh, Vanity's Fiend, and Archlord Krystia can ruin their pace by preventing their swarm of the field.
And while Skill Drain may not hit them too hard, it still affects their strength by disabling such cards like Lyla, Lumina, Celestia, and Judgment Dragon.

With a massive army such as this, it's no surprise why Lightsworns are dominating the war right now. However, their time may come up short, since March is right around the corner. Will their mighty dragon feel the wrath of the gods and fall with Dark Armed Dragon, or will he be banished to the realm of the Envoys? Only time will tell. But for now, this army is dominating the meta, for better or for worse.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fallen Heroes...Dark Armed Dragon

You're probably thinking, "why have DAD as a fallen hero? It's broken..." or something along those lines, right? DAD is still a force to be reckoned with, and one heck of a powerhouse indeed. However, it's the way it's been used as of late that it has earned it's spot as a fallen hero.

Once again, let's look at the pros and cons of this fallen heroes, just like we did with the previous one, Mirror Force.

-Creates advantage upon summoning
-fueled by the graveyard
-can already destroy up to three cards upon initial summon
-Dark monster, so the support is incredible
-cost for activating it's effect is simple

-Likely target for Allure of Darkness now that it's at 1
-not summoned as much
-banned/restricted list lowered it to 1, making it less of a threat
-one you get rid of one, there's no more threat
-importance has lowered in certain duels

Those are my thoughts on it. By any means I'm not saying DAD is bad, on the contrary, it's an awesome card. However, it's a fallen hero due to the fact that it's not so much of a threat as it once used to be. Most of the time it will be lost to Allure (mostly because other monsters in hand are more important at the time being), or fall victim to removal or a mill from a Lightsworn.

And speaking of Lightsworn...that brings me to the idea of my next article, and my very first "Deck Analysis." Coming soon...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Zero Skill"

Interesting choice for a deck's name, wouldn't you say? Well, it's been working well actually. It's still incomplete on a few accounts, but so far it has been keeping synergy.

Credit goes to Rauzes who inspired the concept of this deck, an Absolute Zero deck with Skill Drain.

Here's my take on the concept.

Monsters: 18

E-Hero Neos Alius x3
E-Hero Captain Gold x2
E-Hero Stratos
E-Hero Ocean
Honest x3
Cyber Dragon
Gemini Lancer x3
Blizzed, Defender of the Ice Barrier x2
Gorz, Emissary of Darkness
Treeborn Frog

Spells: 16

E-Emergency Call x2
Reinforcement of the Army
Giant Trunade
Miracle Fusion x2
Gemini Spark x3
Book of Moon x2
Mystical Space Typhoon
Lightning Vortex
Pot of Avarice
Smashing Ground

Traps: 6

Skill Drain x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute

The side deck is still incomplete, but I plan on siding into a "Zero Diva Synchro" deck, so it's my current project now that the deck is done.

I'm still missing a few cards here and there, but that's a work in progress for the time being.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deck Concept..."Zero Skill"

In an attempt to make a deck inspired by Rauzes, I made the deck previously posted as "Zero Fish" which was simply a mix between my old Fish deck and a few heroes for Absolute Zero support.

However, something from his build caught my attention and made me try a new approach to the deck, Skill Drain.

Tomorrow will be testing process...posted decklist soon upon results.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Speaking my mind...March 2010 List.

Alright. I have heard all there is to hear about this upcoming banned/restricted list for March 2010. However, there are still some things that could be in there that people aren't seeing.

First off, let's go with the obvious:

Judgment Dragon- Common sense tells me it's simply going to get limited to one. It's going to stay a threat, but not as horrible as before. Get rid of one and it's gone for good.

Other LS cards- Lightsworn decks might get some other stuff affected, such as Charge of the Light Brigade, Solar Recharge, and a few of their monsters such as Wulf or Lumina.

Zombie players are also fearing, for they wonder if Mezuki will live to see another format. Nobody knows...yet.

Also, would Burial from a Different Dimension get affected somehow?

Gladiator Beasts most possibly will get a pass this list, however, I believe Blackwings will have their fair share of the list...minimum if any, but somehow it might get tweaked.

Now then, this leaves off to one of my main concerns, mainly as an anti-meta player. There's one common card that all top decks side into, which is used way too much to generate advantage in mirror matches.

Could Kycoo somehow find himself in the list? I hope not!

Also, Tragoedia is finding himself in nearly every deck after French Twilight topped a Jump. Could we be seeing the titan have a dent in his armor?

Brionac will definitely go to one, as he should have been once he was released. It's been at 1 in the OCG, so it only makes sense.

Rumors of Brain Control are going around that it could get banned...really? I know it's great and all, but never saw it as ban-worthy.

Also, could we see Starlight Road affect the number of how many Stardust Dragons we may have in the extra deck? This was also based upon a rumor.

However, it's only two months until we fully know what will happen.

So until then, I already got my guesses out there. Feel free to debate the speculations as you wish...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tournament Report

This new section is meant to show players how the meta in Puerto Rico is behaving by giving some tournament reports from my locals. The tournaments are held on a weekly basis, and this article will pick up the top 4 players/decks from that tournament.

Game Wizard Tournament: 1/16/2010

1st place:
Deck: Twilight
Player: Norberto

2nd place:
Deck: Krystiasworn
Player: Jesus

3rd Place:
Deck: Lightsworn
Player: Hector Ortiz

4th place:
Deck: Absolute Zero
Player: (currently forgot his name)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anubis has Arrived!

Well...Anubis has always been here, actually.

The results from SJC are in and it seems our meta will now be mostly filled with Lightsworn and Zombies. This can only mean one thing...time for me to update my creation to new standards. Time for Vanity Gadgets to get some new tech to combat all this graveyard usage.

And even if you don't run my VG deck, this is still one card that would be worth having on the side-deck.

End of Anubis


As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all effects of Spell, Trap, and Effect Monster Cards that target a card(s) in the Graveyard or that activate in the Graveyard are negated.

So why would this card be used as tech for most side decks? Simple

Since Anubis stops anything related to the graveyard, it brings Zombies down quickly. But not just zombies, it also stops commonly used cards such as Vayu, Wulf, prevents Lumina from special summoning, Necro Gardna is rendered useless, along with many other cards.

With this card, I have begun to work on a slight new project for Vanity Gadgets in which it shuts down the opponent's graveyard as well as keeping the usual field control. Yes, Banisher is in my original version, but this new version might become completely focused to battle a whole new meta.

And so it would emerge..."Vanity Gadgets and the Valley of Death"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Zero Fish

Well, the unorthodox creation finally happened. My past Zero Fish deck failed (Coelacanth focused deck is still slightly inconsistent) but this new version has proved to be better. It's got the surprise factor and gives some old fish a try.

Monsters: 20

E-Hero Neos Alius x3
E-Hero Stratos
Honest x3
Cyber Dragon
Golden Flying Fish x3
Oyster Meister x3
Deep Sea Diva x3
Ocean's Keeper x2
Cranium Fish

Spells: 12

Lightning Vortex
Pot of Avarice
Miracle Fusion x2
Reinforcement of the Army
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Book of Moon x2
My Body as a Shield
Brain Control
Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps: 8

Fish Depth Charge x2
Torrential Tribute
Waboku x2
Bottomless Trap Hole x2
Call of the Haunted

Doing it wrong...

For weeks I have been trying to do an Absolute Zero Fish deck, but have run into constant speed bumps along the way. After constant trials and errors, I have learned that both probably shouldn't mix. However, most people are running it with a D-Hero engine and such for speed, but for the budget player like myself, that seemed like impossible.

I looked at my fish deck and Absolute Zero and wondered if the 2 weren't meant to be mixed. But then I looked at my Gemini deck...and a new hope was born.

Perhaps the secret lies in a Gemini Spark engine?

*proceeds to investigate*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Speaking my mind...Turbo Pack 2

Now then, for months now I have read all the high expectations and speculations for TU02. I have seen many predict a Super Rare Gale, Waboku, among others. Their dream for an Ultimate Venominnaga (that one would have been nice) as well as other cards like DAD for the spot. However, during their times while waiting for the ongoing Shonen Jump Championship to reveal its contents, the expectations and emotions ran high. Will their dreams of a Rare D-Draw and Super Gale shine, or will reality kick in and slap them in the face?

Reality happened. Here are the contents of TU02:


Gladiator Beast Heraklinos


Chaos Sorcerer


Gravekeeper’s Assailant
Magical Dimension
Foolish Burial
Beckoning Light

RARE (6):

Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier
My Body as a Shield
Magical Stone Excavation
Mist Archfiend
Light-Imprisoning Mirror
Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror


Anti-Spell Fragrance
Gravekeeper’s Cannonholder
Autonomous Action Unit
Reflect Bounder
Mausoleum of the Emperor
Gravekeeper’s Commandant
Iron Core of Koa’ki Meiru

Now, can't say "I told you so" to the people with high expectations, quote myself from one of the TU02 threads on Pojo...
With so much anticipation and high expectations for this pack, I'm gonna laugh a bit when I see a new thread opens in response to TU02, but it will be filled with complaints about how it had junk and nothing that they predicted happened.

I'm keeping zero expectations for this pack so that when it does come out, I will be satisfied with the end result and won't get disappointed with the card selection.
Now, this is true. While I'm not jumping off the walls for the newest list in this pack, I am satisfied with it due to some cards that are needed.

Cards like the Imprisoning Mirrors, Foolish Burial, Chaos Sorcerer, My Body as a Shield, and the Gravekeeper cards along with Necrovalley are all enough to keep me content with this pack.

Now, while some of the common cards seem to be random choices, they might serve a purpose after the March banlist, or somehow after.

Now, while I am sad that some cards I'm seeking (Abyssal Kingshark and Fossil Dyna for example) are still in dire need of a reprint, maybe I will keep hoping in the future.

But overall, this set wasn't bad, but it could have been a lot worse. So take the good from it and hope for the best.

Deck Concept...Dimensional Psychics

Yesterday at locals a friend of mine reached the top 4 with a deck I call "Dimensional Psychics." The basic premise of the deck is to take advantage of the synergy of cards such as D.D. Survivor and Banisher of the Radiance have with Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos, while keeping the Psychic theme in tact.

Most people would thing it's outrageous and not worth doing something this odd. However, the deck was possible thanks to one single card.

Psychic Path allowed him to recycle his removed from play Psychic types after a synchro summon, combined with D.D. Survivor for many big synchros while maintaining advantage. Combined with cards like Creature Swap and removal cards such as Fissure and Smashing Ground, this deck could potentially turn into another anti-meta deck if handled properly.

For the time being, this went from experimental deck to a deck that had a good run at a tournament. And while it didn't win to Lightsworn (lost to a Heavy Storm top decked), it was controlling the deck during the entire match.

More updates on this deck as it keeps evolving...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Speaking my mind...Rai-Oh Contradictions.

Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about this matter. I have said my opinion concerning this matter various times on Pojo, but it's either ignored or everyone else who shares this opinion gets called a "bad player."

However, it's curious to me. All the players in the Gadget thread seem to think that Rai-Oh is a staple, yet it's contradictory to the whole Gadget engine and theme.

Here are the pros and cons concerning Rai-Oh:

-Negates Special Summon
-High Attack
-Negates Searchers and Recruiters (Reinforcement of the Army, Charge of the Light Brigade, Sangan, among others)
-Compatible with Oppression themes.

-Blocks your Gadgets from searching each other when used in a Gadget deck(most people would simply respond by saying "learn when to summon Rai-Oh" but let's have some sense here, it's a GADGET DECK and you are running something that contradicts the very name of the deck).

Now, while it does have more pros than cons in this matter, it doesn't quite apply in a Gadget deck. Yes, it locks your opponent and prevents special summoning...but there are other cards that can do that without hurting the searchability of Gadgets.

Now, I have a theory as to why many believe it's a staple in this kind of deck, and it's a theory I simply call "The Player X Effect."

This theory states that because one player (I assume it's the very Player X) does very well at a SJC event (don't remember the story quite well, but I believe he topped with Gadgets or got near to doing so) with his Gadget deck, then everyone in the thread tries to copy his deck as much as possible. He has become the leader of the Gadget community (again, based on observations...nothing personal Player X, just trying to add my experiences in the thread to my argument) and so, all of his followers have closed off their ideas and only do what Player X does.

One of these things is the use of Rai-Oh in a Gadget deck. It has gotten praise, yet people seem to forget how contradictory it is to the theme. Yet, instead of thinking outside the box (like what I did with Vanity Gadgets due to budget reasons) and making new Gadget Decks that work, I have been flooded by the same deck again and again.

Ironically enough, this is the best I could have found in the opinions concerning the contradictions between Rai-Oh and Gadgets in the thread, still in favor of the combination:

"Yeah. It's just like thunder King vs Gadgets, even though it clashes it's effect is too good to miss out on."

I see the point, but doesn't it bother them that Rai-Oh actually clashes and contradicts the very theme? This is why I write it here in my blog instead of Pojo, somebody is bound to listen to reason. Now, there are many that agree with this statement. And I have managed to find supporting arguments from those who agree on this matter:

The whole point of the gadget deck is: summon gadget, search gadget

not summon t king, no more gadget searches until your monster dies

what part are you guys not getting?

Also, the more you don't summon gadget, the higher the chance of drawing multiple gadgets, which is absolutely terrible

Also what purpose does Rai-oh play in the deck?
Every card must serve a purpose. And "negating a special summon" isn't good enough. There are better cards to do that
Quote from DoctorNik on Pojo

While DoctroNik's post was the one that mostly summed up my opinion, most people being on the "Pro-TK Side" argued their side in a different manner:

LOL at people suggesting that Rai-Oh is bad in Gadgets. Guess what: "Player X" is using it in his build. The majority of the Gadget thread run Rai-Oh.

Rai-Oh is amazing for shutting down opposing Goblin Zombie/Charge/Black Whirlwind/ROTA, and it shuts down boss monsters (DAD/JD/Synchros/Gyzarus). Who cares if you lock your own Gadgets down if you can slow your opponent down? It's not as if Rai-Oh will be on the field all the time. Plus if you are playing right, Rai-Oh doesn't conflict with Gadgets too much.
This statement shows 2 common things:
1- The theory of "Player X" as mentioned before (changed real name to hide the identity) and appealing to authority on this issue.
2-Stating the obvious reasons of what Rai-Oh does, along with showing evidence of the contradiction in strategy and not caring that it does.

Another argument found on the pro side:

Anyone who doesn't play Rai-Oh in Gadgets this format is going to lose, and therefore, is bad.
Most of the arguments on the pro side were launching statements like this. In other words, "if you don't run Rai-Oh in Gadgets you are deemed a bad player and are destined to lose." Now, I'm no SJC/Regional Champion to be telling people what to do so they can mindlessly follow, but I do have some common sense. If you are playing a strategy where one of your ace cards contradicts the main theme, then shouldn't you play that card in a place where it does fit?

Thunder King Rai-Oh is an excellent card for Anti-Meta decks, but it just has no place in Gadgets. It ruins their synergy and even though it is meant to slow the opponent down, you can find yourself slowed down when all those Gadgets pile up in your hand and find yourself in a tougher situation.

I may get flamed for this article, but I just had to speak my mind concerning this issue. It may even cost me some of the credibility I have created amongst some peers on the board. But to this I say, I don't care. I will speak my mind on this issue and many others.

Hopefully, this article has made you see things from a different perspective and could possibly give some thought about how to use certain cards properly. To all the Gadget players, open the doors to new ideas, because there are tons of Gadget decks that have yet to be discovered that could have some serious potential. To those flamers who are going to give me some serious heat for this article, don't go insulting me. I would prefer you just ignore this and move along.

Thank you for reading this first real article.

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