Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Golem: Supreme King of Legoland

When I first saw this card, I only saw a nice design and moved along. Then again, I was just coming back into the game, so I didn't know what to look for. But then I gave it a second look. And that's when I realized how awesome this card is. Well, awesome if you plan on playing Rock Stun.

This little card alone can bring back any pair of the key monsters (Rock, Guardian, or Sandman) to your field just for tributing itself. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Just imagine, going from 1 lone monster to suddenly having 2 that can control any mix of spells, traps or effects. And not just that, it's also a good Xyz machine if you plan on using a different version of rocks.

Rocks now can pull off some Xyz shenanigans from what I've seen, so it's not a bad thought to give it a try either. Too bad there isn't a rock Tuner to go around, otherwise this would also be a good Synchro machine. But mostly, it's a great card for anybody planning on using Rock Stun or just an solid Rock deck. Good way to bounce back for when your field is a bit empty.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Returning To Action

Well, after nearly a year away from YGO, I've gone back to a tourney (as part of the process of returning to the game). And it was everything I expected it to be, including the ass kicking. I mean, I've missed more than a whole format. I was feeling a bit outdated. And despite that, I jumped into the tournament.

And once I arrived, I was lucky to learn we would be using the new format rules. So I went to the table, prepared my Gravekeepers and began my first round.

Round 1: VS Dragunity

It was a constant battle over who kept their field spell, with the first game being lost due to a swarm and game 2 went a bit back and forth, but I won. Then again, game 3 was just killer. I had learned about some new Xyz monsters and exactly why Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon went to 1. Holy crap! I did not see that coming!


Round 2: VS Lavals

First time ever facing these guys, so I was in for a bit of a surprise. At this point, my being away from this game and lack of knowing what the new cards did was affecting how I played. I probably could have made a few better decisions, but I still managed to get one small win during that match.


Round 3: VS Dark World

Halfway through the match, I realized Grapha and the other guys were basically unaffected by Necrovalley. At that time, it basically turned into an attempt to control him as best as I could. Fossil Dyna (main decked FTW) turned out to be the MVP in this one, but I still lost the match 2-1.


Round 4: VS Gishki

Finally, a deck I had previously played. My lack of good draws made this game go really slow, but I finally managed to get my match win. Not only that, but Fossil Dyna was once again the star of the bout.


Final Thoughts: I learned that many cards have been reprinted since I last played, so I might go get some cheap ones and see if I can do better in my next tournament. And perhaps next time, I might just bring out those rusty Gadgets out and let them have some fun.

I'm slowly making my way back into YGO, so I might even be a bit more visible on Dueling Network now that I'm getting rid of that rust. And who knows, maybe next tournament I can go back to 2-2? Too soon to tell. For now, it feels a bit good to be returning to a game and having fun with it.

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