Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 TCG Releases of 2010: Part 2

Well, it's time to finish that list before I enter the new year and realize I left a list halfway. Let's begin then...

#5. XX-Saber Darksoul

X-Sabers were already becoming a powerful deck due to Emmersblade's release, but it was Darksoul who launched them into another level. It allowed for incredible speed since it managed to search for the Saber you need (*cough* Faultroll *cough*) even multiple times per turn should the situation need it. To this day, people are still debating it's rulings and no doubt it's one of the biggest impact cards of the year.

#4. Gravekeeper's Recruiter

The complete underdog of the list. It allowed Gravekeepers to finally break through the glass ceiling. It searches for any Gravekeeper except Spy and Guard, but the card alone has brought the archetype competitive accomplishments after it's PGD release back in 2004. Recruiter's release felt like the end of a 6-year journey for these tomb keepers, and rightfully so.

#3. Solemn Warning

Upon it's release, Warning was already making an impact on how we play the game. The ability to negate any summon (including effects that summon) for the cost of 2000LP is no laughing matter. The best part about this card? It's actually balanced. 2000LP is not always a cost one is willing to pay, and you can't just negate any summon with it. You have to really consider the consequences of a wrongfully negated summon. And it's also making players use their summons more intelligently, and not just go all crazy. Balanced card, but not too happy about the price...beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

#2. Ronintoadin

If anyone has read my previous article about Ronintoadin, they know how I feel about this card. This card took a deck from unknown status to world champion in half a format. While Substitoad was responsable for thinning the deck, Ronin was the key piece of the puzzle that allowed for the FTK. And even post-september, Ronin has still become a potent card in such decks as Frognarchs (or Formula Frognarchs) and Froggy Fish. A former world champion, and still a contender, Ronin takes the #2 spot.

#1. Unicycular!!!!!!!

I's the real #1

#1. Pot of Duality

Pot of duality gave many decks a much needed boost. It gave the consistency many decks lacked, just by being able to add some searching power to any deck it was in. Duality has certainly become a part of many of our current decks, and it's no surprise given the amount of help it can give. But the best part of all, it's a balanced card. Allowing yourself to pick any of your next 3 cards at the cost of being unable to special summon is quite the price to pay, but many can play around it...that's what makes it such a useful card. And just like Warning, it's price tag leaves a lot to be desired (it costs my left arm just to be able to get one), but it's definitely the card that had the biggest impact of the year.

And speaking of the year. Happy new year to all the fellow bloggers and readers here. Hope to see you around in 2011 as well.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 TCG Releases of 2010: Part 1

Well, the year is coming to a close soon and so I decided to count down the top 10 most influential releases in the YGO TCG during this year. While I originally thought of doing it just YGO in general, it was difficult due to differences in releases between OCG and TCG. But an honorable mention goes to Tech Genus Hyper Librarian for being made of pure awesome. we go.

#10. Super Nimble Mega Hamster

Released quite early in the year, this little fella helped out plenty of Beast decks, but was responsible for the main engine in Hamster Monarchs. Allowing to fetch essential cards like Ryko, Airbellum, and Rescue Cat, Hamster was surely an interesting card to play.

#9. Consecrated Light

An excellent out to the stream of Dark decks that were contending, like Blackwings and Infernity. It slowed down their explosive plays and forced them to waste resources on this little guy just to be able to keep going. Still a worthy side card, but somehow outclassed by Crevice lately due to the decrease in Dark decks and the rise in other attributes (such as Earth for X-Sabers and Water for Frognarchs).

#8. Infernity Launcher / Infernity Barrier

Tied for the spot, these 2 cards made Infernities a top contender during the summer format. It also made things pretty chaotic with the loop and all, but at least we didn't have to suffer the triple Trishula like in the OCG. And as for Barrier, it's what gave Infernities that extra ingredient to make them a top contender in the TCG.

#7. Scrap Dragon

At last, we were once again given a great generic level 8 synchro. With the ability to destroy a card your opponent controls and one you control, it became a pretty useful card for decks that had cards to use for tribute fodder on a constant basis. That, and it's pretty strong to boot.

#6. Glow-Up Bulb

The so called "Pleaguespreader of 2010" is indeed a fun card that made an impact. It helps out decks such as Plant Synchro and Frognarchs go for Formula Synchron and Shooting Star Dragon respectively. It holds a great surprise factor and can reverse the game under the right circumstances.

The Top 5 will be revealed in the next few days. Until then, feel free to comment on the selection and check back to see which cards made the Top 5.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This little guy is great side deck against Plant Synchro and Frognarch.

Este chiquitin es buen side deck para usar contra decks planta y sapo-monarca.

Wattsquirrel will negate their essential cards: Ryko won't destroy/mil, Treeborn won't come back, Sangan won't search and Dandylion won't produce tokens.

Wattardilla niega sus cartas mas esenciales: Ryko no destruye o bota del deck, Treeborn no vuelve, Sangan no busca y Dandylion no crea tokens.

Give this little sucker a try, you might be surprised how well it works.

Intenta a esta ardillita durante algunos juegos y veras cuanto ayuda contra estos decks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaker, the Magical Warrior

It could prove useful during this meta, since there's a whole ton of spell/trap presence now. The way I see it, use it to bait a Solemn Warning for example. Either they pay 2000LP to negate Breaker, or you have a slight chance of hitting it.

Puede ser muy util durante con el meta corriente, ya que hay mucha presencia de magias y trampas en el campo. Como yo lo veo, puedes usarlo a tu ventaja para forzar activacion de cartas como Solemn Warning. O pagan 2000LP para negarlo o tienes una oportunidad de destruirla luego.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Fish Support

Just checked the new promos for the Jump Fiesta 2011 in Japan and happened to have found 2 interesting things there...

Estaba viendo las nuevas promos de Jump Fiesta 2011 en Japon y acabo de ver dos cosas bien interesantes...

Nimble Manta

WATER/Fish - Effect/2/800/100
When this card on the field is sent to the Graveyard by a card effect, you can Special Summon any number of "Nimble Manta" from your Deck.

Nimble manta is simply amazing. It's the brother of Nimble Sunfish, but doesn't thin the deck as much. It does however, swarm the field when it's sent to the grave via card effect, something that Sunfish is unable to do and is most vulnerable to. Imagine a Dark Hole with Manta on field, bring 2 out, tribute for Coelcacanth and proceed to wreck face.

Manta es una carta increible. Es como el hermano de Nimble Sunfish, pero no vacia el deck tanto. Pero puede sacar mas peces al campo si se va al cemeterio por efecto, algo que Sunfish no puede hacer y es bien vulnerable. Imagina un Agujero Oscuro con Manta en el campo, trae 2 copias, sacrifica ambas para Coelacanth y empieza la fiesta.

Don't be so quick to dismiss this ray, because if used correctly, it can set up some explosive plays. As a Fish player (a few years now), this is my christmas gift from Konami...even though it won't be here for a while.

No sean tan rapidos para ignorar este pez, porque en la situacion perfecta, puede montar unas jugadas explosivas. Como un jugador de pez (varios años ya), este es un buen regalo de parte de Konami...aunque no llegue ahora.

Rage of Deep Sea

WATER/Fish - Effect/5/0/0
This card gains ATK and DEF equal to the number of Fish-, Sea Serpent-, and Aqua-Type monsters in your Graveyard x 500.

Now this is actually ironic, since I had some friends telling me a Fish like this should exist. And behold, it's been created. I like the fact that it can increase it's attack with not just Fish, making it versatile with Frogs or Levia decks if you want to. But it's main use is in Fish. 500 attack for every Fish in the graveyard is nothing to laugh at, especially if you summon this late game after one or two Coelcacanth swarms. If used correctly, it might serve as an alternate boss for Fish decks. Not going to overlook this card, since it has some potential to be real nasty.

Esto es ironico, ya que unos amigos me han dicho que quieren ver un pez con este mismo efecto y unos dias despues ya lo han creado. Me gusta que su ataque incremente con cartas ademas de Pez, ya que puede ser versatil con Sapos. Pero su uso principal es en Peces. 500 ataque por cada pez en el cemeterio no es nada para reirse, especialmente si lo usas ya tarde en el juego despues que Coelcacanth ha sacado a su ejercito varias veces. Si se usa bien, puede ser un "boss" alterno a los peces.

Monday, December 13, 2010


So there's yet another new series after 5D's. While this series was fairly enjoyable, I was hoping it to be the last one (before they run out of concepts). But it seems we will have yet another series during the Spring season in 2011.

The story states that it's set in a near future, but I wonder what timeline that will be from.

I don't want to be quick to judge, because it may end up being a good series (remember everyone criticizing card games on motorcycles as being ridiculous?) or it may flop. But for now, only time will tell.

And it seems this has also been my first anime-related post, so perhaps more of these to come.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Heroes Have Arrived

Managed to find some time to update some stuff here. I just had to, especially after seeing the new Masked Hero cards.

First off, the card that really grabbed my attention and makes the deck a lot more fun than before: Mask Change.


Send 1 face-up "Hero" monster you control to the Graveyard, and Special Summon 1 "Masked Hero" monster with the same Attribute as the selectedmonster from the Extra Deck.

This card is just amazing, especially if you combine it with Masked Hero Goka and Masked Hero Vapor (most notably Vapor). Goka is a fire Hero fusion that gets stronger for each Hero in the grave, and Vapor is a Water Hero fusion that is unable to be destroyed by card effects. Both can only be summoned via Mask Change from the Extra Deck.

Now here's the fun part, Masked Hero Vapor already has good compatibility with Absolute Zero, since you can use Mask Change to clear field for a direct attack and summon a Hero that can only be stopped by battle (or simple removal, but shhhhh...).

There's also another Hero, Vision Hero Adoration.

Warrior/Fusion/Level 8/Dark

2 "Elemental Hero", "Destiny Hero", "Evil Hero", "Masked Hero", or "Vision Hero" monsters
Once per turn, select 1 Hero monster you control other than this card and 1 monster your opponent controls. Your opponent's selected monster loses ATK and DEF equal to your selected monster's ATK until the End Phase. (Still unconfirmed at the moment, but just in case).

What makes this Hero interesting is the compatibility with all Hero cards, as well as finally having that Dark hero fusion that was missing (even though some wanted it to be an E-Hero). It also has an attack modifying effect (hopefully that's it, since it isn't bad) that can help cut your opponent's bigger monsters down to size.

And last, there's another spell for heroes...A Hero Arrives


Activate only if you control no face-up monsters. Pay half of your Life Points to Special Summon 1 Level 4 or lower "Hero" monster from your Deck, except "Hero Kid".

While it is a risky card to use and will probably the least used out of the previous cards mentioned tonight, it serves as a last resort for any Hero deck.

With the Masked Heroes finally arriving soon in the OCG, let's hope these aren't the only ones. They are very fun to use and could really give Hero decks a boost.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Slight Update...

Due to final exams and other college stuff that will be taking up most of my time, there will be no posting until I'm done with all the assignments (or until I finish enough classes to find the time to post).

However, in the meantime, you can also check my humor blog at

Once I return from finals, I will bring back a few new deck ideas, as well as a few other things.

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