Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unlocked Potential: Hardened Armed Dragon

Welcome to Unlocked Potential, a section where I take a look at under-used card that could make it big if given the chance to shine.

For this first article, I will take a look at the TCG Exclusive from Raging Battle, Hardened Armed Dragon.

First off, its a 1500 ATK Earth monster. It can be searched via Sangan, Giant Rat, and Masked Dragon. So it's known that it can become quite accessible.

Secondly, it's effect is what makes it shine. You can use this card for the tribute summon of a level 7 or higher monster. If you do, then it cannot be destroyed by card effects. Now that's an effect that makes big monsters worth running again. So then, which monsters can be good options for Hardened Armed Dragon? Let's see:

1. Earthbound Immortals
2. Obelisk The Tormentor
3. Ancient Gear Golem
4. Super Ancient Deepsea King Coelacanth
5. Yubel
6. Classic Vanilla Monsters (Neos, Dark Magician, Red-Eyes, Blue-Eyes, among others)
7. Levia Dragon Daedalus (old favorite)

So you see, Hardened Armed Dragon adds playability to level 7 or higher monsters that didn't see much play, or simply adds support to those that are currently being currently used but can benefit from the boost. So if you use monsters that meet this criteria and wish to give them some extra protection, then give this card a will be worth it.

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