Saturday, October 9, 2010

Regionals: Slight Preparation Tips

Heading off to Regionals soon, but first I thought I would share some quick tips for those who are going to their first regional (whether it's today or any other time).

1. Have a good breakfast: Regionals last almost all day, sometimes without lunch break. So be sure to get a good meal and bring some extra snacks and drinks if you want.

2. Bring only the essentials: Don't bring too many things to the tournament. Don't take too much stuff, or else you might lose something (whether it's misplaced or stolen).

3. Keep your sportmanship: I cannot stress how important this is. I see people sometimes flip out over something simple or become enraged when they argue with the judge. It just makes you look bad...

4. Don't yell at the judges: From experience, it's very irritating. It complicates the explanation of rulings when you are being yelled at.

5. Don't rush any plays: Take your time (but don't stall) when thinking a move. Consider all possible scenarios before acting.

6. Locate nearby food establishments: If you need a quick lunch, locate them before you enter the tourney.

7. Bathroom breaks are golden: Go after every round. I dont know why, but it helps with concentration.

8. Just have fun with it: Remember, it's still a game. So go out there and give it your best shot.

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