Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 10 TCG Releases of 2010: Part 2

Well, it's time to finish that list before I enter the new year and realize I left a list halfway. Let's begin then...

#5. XX-Saber Darksoul

X-Sabers were already becoming a powerful deck due to Emmersblade's release, but it was Darksoul who launched them into another level. It allowed for incredible speed since it managed to search for the Saber you need (*cough* Faultroll *cough*) even multiple times per turn should the situation need it. To this day, people are still debating it's rulings and no doubt it's one of the biggest impact cards of the year.

#4. Gravekeeper's Recruiter

The complete underdog of the list. It allowed Gravekeepers to finally break through the glass ceiling. It searches for any Gravekeeper except Spy and Guard, but the card alone has brought the archetype competitive accomplishments after it's PGD release back in 2004. Recruiter's release felt like the end of a 6-year journey for these tomb keepers, and rightfully so.

#3. Solemn Warning

Upon it's release, Warning was already making an impact on how we play the game. The ability to negate any summon (including effects that summon) for the cost of 2000LP is no laughing matter. The best part about this card? It's actually balanced. 2000LP is not always a cost one is willing to pay, and you can't just negate any summon with it. You have to really consider the consequences of a wrongfully negated summon. And it's also making players use their summons more intelligently, and not just go all crazy. Balanced card, but not too happy about the price...beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

#2. Ronintoadin

If anyone has read my previous article about Ronintoadin, they know how I feel about this card. This card took a deck from unknown status to world champion in half a format. While Substitoad was responsable for thinning the deck, Ronin was the key piece of the puzzle that allowed for the FTK. And even post-september, Ronin has still become a potent card in such decks as Frognarchs (or Formula Frognarchs) and Froggy Fish. A former world champion, and still a contender, Ronin takes the #2 spot.

#1. Unicycular!!!!!!!

I's the real #1

#1. Pot of Duality

Pot of duality gave many decks a much needed boost. It gave the consistency many decks lacked, just by being able to add some searching power to any deck it was in. Duality has certainly become a part of many of our current decks, and it's no surprise given the amount of help it can give. But the best part of all, it's a balanced card. Allowing yourself to pick any of your next 3 cards at the cost of being unable to special summon is quite the price to pay, but many can play around it...that's what makes it such a useful card. And just like Warning, it's price tag leaves a lot to be desired (it costs my left arm just to be able to get one), but it's definitely the card that had the biggest impact of the year.

And speaking of the year. Happy new year to all the fellow bloggers and readers here. Hope to see you around in 2011 as well.


  1. Nice post!

    I agree with you, Unicycular is the best card ever!

    Just kidding, you´re right about the best cards.

    Add our Team here, you´re already in our blog.


  2. Happy New Year!

    I agree with you, Pot Of Duality is the most powerfull card released on 2010, maybe th next year the new six samurais will be in this post!

    See ya!
    Zanji from Equipo Evolucion

  3. I was checking "only the duel" in the blogs you follow, and suddenly they have a post with a link to your page, awesome. You are right about watt squirrel.

    Nice top5 by the way. I think I'm gonna start posting in english, so more people could be able to read me.


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