Saturday, August 25, 2012

Returning To Action

Well, after nearly a year away from YGO, I've gone back to a tourney (as part of the process of returning to the game). And it was everything I expected it to be, including the ass kicking. I mean, I've missed more than a whole format. I was feeling a bit outdated. And despite that, I jumped into the tournament.

And once I arrived, I was lucky to learn we would be using the new format rules. So I went to the table, prepared my Gravekeepers and began my first round.

Round 1: VS Dragunity

It was a constant battle over who kept their field spell, with the first game being lost due to a swarm and game 2 went a bit back and forth, but I won. Then again, game 3 was just killer. I had learned about some new Xyz monsters and exactly why Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon went to 1. Holy crap! I did not see that coming!


Round 2: VS Lavals

First time ever facing these guys, so I was in for a bit of a surprise. At this point, my being away from this game and lack of knowing what the new cards did was affecting how I played. I probably could have made a few better decisions, but I still managed to get one small win during that match.


Round 3: VS Dark World

Halfway through the match, I realized Grapha and the other guys were basically unaffected by Necrovalley. At that time, it basically turned into an attempt to control him as best as I could. Fossil Dyna (main decked FTW) turned out to be the MVP in this one, but I still lost the match 2-1.


Round 4: VS Gishki

Finally, a deck I had previously played. My lack of good draws made this game go really slow, but I finally managed to get my match win. Not only that, but Fossil Dyna was once again the star of the bout.


Final Thoughts: I learned that many cards have been reprinted since I last played, so I might go get some cheap ones and see if I can do better in my next tournament. And perhaps next time, I might just bring out those rusty Gadgets out and let them have some fun.

I'm slowly making my way back into YGO, so I might even be a bit more visible on Dueling Network now that I'm getting rid of that rust. And who knows, maybe next tournament I can go back to 2-2? Too soon to tell. For now, it feels a bit good to be returning to a game and having fun with it.

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