Monday, September 26, 2011

Bad Moon Rising

With the Innistrad pre-release over and it's release coming soon, there's a whole lot of attention on the werewolves. This type is the one that transforms the most and can be quite aggressive. However, werewolves are plagued with one common problem.

They can be a bit slow.

Patience is a virtue for these guys.

All werewolves have the same requirement for transformation, no spells need to be played in the last turn. But there's a problem. Even if you play a creature, it's already a spell. So you have to be either very patient or very conservative in order to transform these fighters.

Enter Moonmist, an instant that transforms all your humans into werewolves right on the spot. And not only does it transform them, it protects them to boot. But is it enough to give werewolves the boost they need? Once transformed, playing two spells turns them back into humans. So if your opponent can't run them over, they will play spells in order to transform them back. If they transform back, you can't do anything during your turn so they can transform back.

A godsend for werewolves, but is it enough?

However, it's still way too early to tell if they will sink or swim. They are an interesting archetype indeed, but will they be able to keep up due to the harsh transformation requirements? They are a force to be reckoned with, but will Moonmist be enough to make sure they destroy everything in their path? There is a great chance that it will be indeed a great help, but I feel they might still need something else to keep consistency between transformations.

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