Wednesday, September 7, 2011

San Juan Regional

Thanks to my best friend, I realized there was one coming up. Problem is, I'm still a bit unmotivated to play YGO competitively (since I'm mostly casual now). However, this may be my last regional event in quite some time. So what to do?

Don't feel like wasting 20 bucks to get my ass kicked, especially since I can get that for free. But then again, there's the chance that I can really do well. But given my history of regionals, I only made it to Top 32 once, and that was a whole long time ago. I only have a 1/4th success rate with these events.

And then he told me, "take your f*cking Fish deck already!"

And so, I have given it thought. Don't know if I will compete yet, but here's the deck I'm definitely going to use if I do manage to take it.

My signature deck gets a shot at last!

Whether I compete in the regional event or not, still got a while to decide. But If I do, I'm going to show them why I was known as the "Fish Guy" before anybody (locally) started playing them.

If I do decide to compete, I might just film the events. Still not sure.


  1. Good luck, if you decide to go!

  2. Solo si te interesa.Puedes usar el debris q aun queda para iron chain black rose dragon o gugnir con un dupe frog y el treeborn frog!


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