Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just for fun...

A few weeks ago, I pulled a Judgment Dragon from one of the last Turbo Packs when I returned to the tournament scene. However, before I got rid of it, a few friends and I decided it would be funny to have an "optical illusion trick" with Judgment Dragon in my trade binder.

The "illusion" was to focus on the Dark Rabbits on each edge of the folder...and if you focus hard enough, you would see a dragon.

Anyways, at that same tournament, I returned with Vanity Gadgets.

I went 2-2 at the tournament, winning against a friend's Plant deck, as well as an Exodia deck. However, I lost to my best friend's Moja deck as well as another player's Blackwing deck (first time he beats me, since Vanity Gadgets previously destroyed his Glads and Lightsworns).

However, with the new banlist, Vanity Gadgets will be taking some slight updates.

One of those new updates...Scrap Recycler!

More soon...

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