Wednesday, February 17, 2010

March 2010 list...and deck statuses

Well, the new March list is here...

Chaos Sorcerer
Necro Guardna
Lightlord Summoner - Lumina
Burial from a Different Dimension
Foolish Burial
Destiny Draw
Charge of the Light Brigade
Allure of Darkness
Mind Crush
Magical Explosion

Semi Restricted
Cyber Dragon
Demise - King of Armageddon
Treeborn Frog
Black Whirlwind
United We Stand
Royal Decree
Royal Oppression
Skill Drain

Mask of Darkness
Smashing Ground

...and with the new list, comes a new meta. However, I was assuming Lightsworn would be slowed down. But it seems it got the Tele-DAD got taken out back and shot dead.

With the metagame altered, what will happen in the months to come? I predict Blackwings will be the common deck until someone brave enough wins with something else. Honestly, decks like Hopeless Dragon, X-Sabers, and others have a very good chance to top right now. But will people use them? Sadly, no. People will run with the safe choice and continue with Blackwings. I hope I'm wrong, as I wish to see a completely new set of decks coming out on top.

As for the banlist, some of my decks have to be updated due to it.

Gravekeeper's lost an Allure, but a third Stele should be enough.

Vanity Gadgets lost a Tragoedia, but a new set of monsters is being worked at the moment.

Level Monarchs will finally see the light of day!

Codalos Control will also see it's fair share of action, as it wasn't affected at all since it uses E-Heroes.

Gemini deck remains the same.

Starships lost an Honest, but will gain some new toys in TSHD.

Well, that's all I have for today...

Coming soon, Vanity Gadgets 1.5

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