Thursday, June 24, 2010

Judging and Mistakes...How to go about

Those of you who know me personally know I have been a Yugioh Judge for quite some time and do my best to do everything to the best f my abilities. However, as a judge, we all make mistakes (we are human, after all, we aren't perfect).

This story isn't about a ruling mistake that happened recently, it's about a ruling error that happened a long time ago during one of my tournaments.

My best friend was dueling against a Gladiator deck with his Moja deck. However, his opponent tries to fuse with the face-down glads and sees it odd, and calls for the judge (me). He explains the situation and I rule he can't do it face down. Obviously, I had made a mistake (but back then I didn't notice). Due to that ruling, he proceeded to lose the match.

Flash forward to last night...

I get a call from my best friend who was trading stuff in a rival store, and he tells me that the Gladiator player from the previous tournament has been bad mouthing about how much of an a-hole I am due to the ruling. Now, this is mostly because the place is full of elitists, but I digress...

The angry player recognized my best friend and then continued to bad mouth me all over the store, thus causing the creation of an angry mob. Now, I don't know about you...but when a player creates an angry mob for a judge who made a simple mistake, that seems a little too much, don't you think?

My best friend had to leave the premises and contacted me right away about the angry mob that basically wanted my head on a platter for simply ruling Glads can't fuse face-down so many months ago.

I urge to all those who read this blog, please don't be like that player. If you think a judge ruled incorrectly (as can happen, since we aren't perfect beings), talk to him/her individually afterward and explain how the ruling was wrong, along with a link or something of the correct ruling. Simple as that, no need to create an angry mob or anything.

Best one can do is move along. But many players forget judges are just regular people as well, so they tend to want to sacrifice them to the gods upon a mistake.

Talk to your judge(s), be calm about the situation, explain with details the ruling in question, and remember that this is just a game...enjoy it.

As for me, I want to go there and face the angry mob myself...

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