Monday, June 14, 2010

Regional Report 6-13-10 San Juan

Well, the last regional of the year (that we know of) is behind us, and it's time to look back and see what has happened during yesterday's tourney.

For those of you who didn't see the last regional report, I ended up placing at 27th with Gadgets, so I decided to repeat the same issue yesterday.

I took KillSwitch to see how far I could go, considering that the Top 32 players were going to get a nationals invite this time. And I wanted that vacation.

Round 1: VS Random Spellcaster

Simple duel, controlled the game from early on.

Won 2-0

Round 2: Vs Blackwings

Game 1 was quite intense, but I ended up losing via destruction of my Oppression.

For Game 2, I switched to Rock Stun via side deck, but got Dustshoot'ed in turn 1, losing my Guardian as well as my entire advantage.

Lost 0-2

Round 3: VS Drill Plants

Royal Oppression and Fossil Dyna worked wonders in this duel. However, the Gadgets were the real stars as the little guys kept destroying all the Fluff Tokens during the entire game.

Won 2-0

Round 4: VS X-Sabers

This was one deck I knew from the inside out, so I felt good going into this match. My best friend runs this deck and I practiced against him the night before and did quite well, so this new opponent was going to see how well I knew the deck.

However, I lost due to random tech that only my best friend used. My opponent used Mind Control on my set Fossil Dyna in a field full of special-summoned monsters.

Lost 0-2

I was already 2-2 and quite anxious, since I knew most of my games weren't going as well. But I knew I could still keep going.

Round 5: VS Gladiator Beasts

Game 1 I lose due to Gyzarus, and I hear my opponent saying "so you're playing Machina..." as he side decks. And with that, I switch to Rock Stun.

Games 2 and 3 were dominated by the Sandman/Grand Mole combo, bouncing his set Glads and attacking directly with Sandman.

Won 2-1

Round 6: Vs Froggy Monarchs

This deck was too much...I tried to gain control during the duel, but I came up short due to Monarchs overpowering.

Lost 0-2

Round 7: VS Froggy Monarchs (Again)

Simply put, lost due to a lapse in judgment on my part...I was already frustrated with the entire situation.

Lost 0-2

Round 8: Infernity

WTF was Infernity doing in the bottom tables at the last round? Either way, I planned to make my last match a victorious one.

Game 1 I got OTK'd at turn 2, enough said...

Game 2 I won via Big Burn.

Game 3 I lost due to bad hands...

And so, I lost 1-2.

The entire record of the tournament was 3-5, not a good showing. Last night's tourney was the most aggressive one I have even been to. Never before have I gotten this bad of a beating at a tournament. Looks like this format, while indeed slower, is just way more aggressive than I thought...

Frogs are dominating here at a local level, along with X-Sabers...way too much for one to handle. My entire group came prepared, but we all came up short...

Oh well, perhaps next year...

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