Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tournament Report: Wizard Locals 3/12

Another week, another local. Today's deck was Blackwings, as I was testing them out for the new format.

Round 1: vs Empty Jar FTK

It was over so fast, I was quite shocked to find myself so defenseless against it. None of my counters worked, but oh well...that's the magic of Empty Jar.


Round 2: vs Lightsworn

Duel 1 was lost quickly to double Judgment Dragon, but duel 2 was quickly over thanks to Light Imprisoning Mirror. Duel 3 was pretty much back and forth, but a well timed LIM and Icarus Attack won me this round.


Round 3: vs Infernity

If there was any time to love main-decking Delta Crow, it was today's match. In both duels, Delta Crow was the key card to victory, especially in duel 2 when I eliminated his entire backrow during the end phase in which he set it. A mixture of Rai-Oh, Kycoo, Delta Crow, and Crevice won this match.


Round 4: vs Dragunity

This is a match I have long waited for. Aklys was a real thorn on my side during the entire match, always finding ways to destroy everything in my field little by little. In the end, I managed to turn that around with DAD in both games. However, the match ended in style...I had DAD and Armor Master, with 1 set card while he had an empty field. He topdecked a Dux, which he planned to use to combine with Phalanx to make Brionac and clear field. The problem was, he didn't count on my set card being The Selection. Surprise side-decking won me the match on this one.


Overall, it was a pretty good tourney. Ended up placing 3rd, along with showing everyone that Blackwings are still alive and kicking.


  1. How was aklys a problem for you?

  2. He kept ramming his Dragunity equipped with Aklys into my monsters and slowly started taking out my backrow. Didn't have much on me to stop it during game 1. However, game 2 was a different story, since Alkys didn't even hit the field once.

  3. I don't know if it is different where you play at, but it does not work like that in the TCG.

    Aklys only works when it is sent to the grave while equppied to a monster. If the monster was destroyed by battle, Aklys no longer is equipped and sent to the grave by card effects.

    In general, the only way to fire off aklys is by card effect.

    You still got third though which is good.

  4. Hmmm...then I guess none of us were informed properly of how it worked. I'm going to keep that in mind and let the player know as well.

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  5. "If the monster was destroyed by battle, Aklys no longer is equipped and sent to the grave by card effects."

    Sorry, meant to say it is sent to the grave by game mechanics.


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