Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Narutia Bambooshoot

In a format with so many backrows, I have yet to see anyone (besides my best friend) completely decimate decks thanks to Bambooshoot.

Sure, it has many threats such as negation, but that's what a Naturia Control deck is capable of handling. A well timed Bambooshoot accompanied by Royal Oppression or other control cards such as Warning can be very deadly.

I'm hoping to see this card get more play once HA04 arrives to complete Naturias once and for all.


  1. Yes but this format is also full of Effect Veilers

  2. Very good point. I did forget about those 2 when making the article. Guess a lot of things are escaping my mind at this time of the semester.

    But hey, it's still a card that shouldn't be overlooked.


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