Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vayu Turbo vs Standard Blackwing

In this new format, Blackwings have wondered what their new purpose will be now that Kalut is limited and Goyo is gone. Most have wondered about switching over to Vayu-Tubo, the one BW variant that went basically unaffected by the list.

En este formato, los Blackwing han tratado de buscar un nuevo proposito ya que Kalut ha sido limitado y Goyo ha sido eliminado. Muchos han pensado en cambiar hacia Vayu-Turbo, el variante de BW que menos ha sido afectado por la lista.

But the standard build is far from being counted out. Even though Kalut is at 1, we now have space to run cards like Thunder King Rai-Oh in our decks, adding a bit more control to the deck.

Pero la forma standard tampoco ha sido eliminada. Y aunque nos bajaron a Kalut a 1, tenemos ahora mas espacio para usar cartas como Rai-Oh en los decks, cuales añaden mas control al deck.

And even though Vayu-Turbo is a great deck, it still falls greatly to Macro and Gravekeepers (a deck also not affected as much by the list). Standard BW doesn't fall too behind either, since it's enemies are also quite commonly known. But either way, Vayu-Turbo seems a bit more vulnerable than Standard BW.

Y aunque Vayu-Turbo sea un buen deck, todavia cae ante decks Macro y Gravekeepers (quienes no se vieron tan afectados por la lista tampoco). El deck standard de BW tambien sigue vulnerable, ya que sus debilidades son conocimiento general a este punto. Pero de ambas formas, Vayu-Turbo se ve mas vulnerable que la forma standard de Blackwing.

So what will happen this format? I expect Vayu-Turbo to take a rise in usage, but also keeping as much participation as Standard BW decks. Only time will tell if Vayu-Turbo rises to the occasion in this format, or if it once again fades into obscurity.

Asi que pasara este formato? Vamos a ver Vayu-Turbo tener mas uso entre jugadores, pero manetniendo igual participacion con el deck standard de BW. Solo el tiempo dira si Vayu-Turbo sube a reclamar su espacio como campeon, o si nuevamente se desaparece lentamente al olvido.


  1. well, that depends on what vayu turbo is... does it mean there must be grepher and stuff or is it just a standard blackfeather with 2 vayus?

  2. Vayu-Turbo is the one where there must be Grepher and other cards to abuse Vayu's effect and swarm from the graveyard. Standard Blackfeather uses 1-2 Vayu, but swarms mostly from the deck as it's commonly known.

  3. Creo que BW estara cogeando entre torneos hasta que se establezca el siguiente "meta".


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