Friday, November 18, 2011

Doomed Traveler

It's Friday, so it means it's time for another MTG post! This week I'm going to discuss a common card from Innistrad that's been grabbing my attention. It's a card I seem to have overlooked at first, but then realized I had to get more. I'm talking about none other than Doomed Traveler.

Doomed Traveler is quite simple. For one white mana, it gives a 1/1 Human that produces a 1/1 white spirit with flying when it dies. This means, it gets the token if it chum blocks or even if it's sacrificed. This opens up a whole lot of plays.

First off, it allows for Human decks to use cards with Morbid, since it feeds the conditions quite well and replaces itself instantly. It also fuels Unruly Mob and Thraben Sentry if you use a deck with them. Best part of it is, that the spirit tokens covers one weakness this deck exhibits, which is the lack of creatures with flying or reach. Having a chum blocker that can fly is quite significant.

So if you have a Human deck out there, you might want to give this guy a try. It might be worth your while.

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