Thursday, November 3, 2011

M12 Illusions

Lately, I have been losing interest in my Innistrad Vampires and gaining more interest in M12's set of Illusions. Normally, I'm not a Blue player since my style is more aggro. However, these Illusions caught my eye as a good balance between aggro and control. Why the perfect control? Well, it's Blue for starters! Anybody knows Blue has the best control. But aggro?

I was surprised as well, but it wasn't until I saw the following card that I was convinced.

So there it was, the one thing that made me want to try the deck out. Most of the new illusions are powerful creatures that are destroyed if they are targeted by any effect. However, since Lord of the Unreal solves that problem and gives them a nice boost, it suddenly turned into an awesome concept. While I know illusion decks don't have much wiggle room when it comes to making the deck, it's still a great mix between aggro and control.

So there's strong creatures that have low mana cost, creatures that buff those illusions and support them, and have all the control that Blue has to offer. How is that not alluring?

I'm going to start playing it soon, hopefully it will be as rewarding as it seems.

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