Friday, January 29, 2010

Absolute Powerforce...What I'm after.

With the sneak preview event for Absolute Powerforce just one week away, it's time to show off some of the cards I'm anxiously awaiting.

First off, we see the obvious as mentioned a few posts ago, Claymore Dud is among those anticipated cards.

However, something else that's in my list is the Gravekeeper support coming out. Gravekeeper's Descendant, Gravekeeper's Visionary, Gravekeeper's Priestess and Gravekeeper's Stele are all cards worth getting if you also plan on playing them.

Gravekeeper's Stele is what really attracts me the most. It's effect lets you add 2 Gravekeeper's monsters from your graveyard to your hand, ignoring the effect of Necrovalley. This works for my new Gravekeeper's deck, since I have a little plan for it...and it involves Deep Sea Diva!

With Diva, I can synch into Spy or any other monster and get access to Brionac. The real magic begins if Stele is in hand. Discard 2 Greavekeeper's monsters with Brionac's effect, just to get them back with Stele. Another good monster to have in this kind of deck would be Iron Chain Dragon, letting loose and milling your opponent's deck and disrupting them. Just make sure to avoid this last part when playing against Lightsworn.

But ABPF not only has stuff for the Gravekeeper's, it also contains new support for standard water decks in the form of Codalos and Forgotten Underwater Temple.

Codalos allows you to send 2 cards your opponent controls by tributing "A Legendary Ocean" on your side of the field. So since it doesn't destroy, it allows you to bypass such cards like Stardust Dragon. But you probably are wondering, "but then it will stay vulnerable after the field is gone, what about the other monsters?"

Simple, that's where Forgotten Underwater Temple comes in.

It's effect reads:

While this card is on the field, its name is treated as "Umi". Once per turn, you can select and remove from play 1 face-up Level 4 or lower Fish, Sea Serpent, or Aqua-Type monster you control. Special Summon the monster removed from play by this effect during the End Phase.
So that gives you 3 extra "Umi" cards to use for Codalos. Not only that, but it provides necessary protection against cards like Mirror Force, Brain Control, Mind Control, Lightning Vortex, and others.

Vanity Gadgets will also be getting some new toys in this set. Besides Claymore Dud, there's a new monster that will be useful against Zombie Decks in the current meta...Holy Light!

Holy Light prevents the normal and special summoning of any DARK monster, plus it isn't destroyed by battle by any DARK monster already on the field.

While it may not be in the main deck, this card will find it's home in the side deck. While Lightsworn does dominate our meta at the moment, it's a card you would most likely want to have in your side deck for when you run into Zombies, Twilight variants, and especially Blackwings.

Junk and Debris also gets a new toy. Harmony's Treasure provides a secondary draw card to the deck aside from Allure (for DARK variants) or Moray of Greed (for WATER variants). I would like to see how this works, since sadly the only target would be Debris Dragon. But still worth noting...a good card to have just in case.

Last, but not least, Battle Fader is the last card on my list for this set. Being summoned upon a direct attack, it immediately ends the battle phase and is removed from play if it somehow leaves the field. This is still quite handy, since it's another alternative to Gorz and Tragoedia, and tribute/synchro fodder in your next turn.

With all these cards already coming out, it's no surprise this set will be a very good one. However, there are some TCG Exclusives yet to be discovered, as well as the OCG imports, so we may have some surprises left.

Other notable cards in this set are Cyber Dragon Zwei, Super Nimble Mega Hamster, the synchros, X-Saber support, as well as Fiendish Chain, Alien Brain, Reverse World, and Core Transport Unit.

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