Sunday, January 10, 2010

Deck Concept...Dimensional Psychics

Yesterday at locals a friend of mine reached the top 4 with a deck I call "Dimensional Psychics." The basic premise of the deck is to take advantage of the synergy of cards such as D.D. Survivor and Banisher of the Radiance have with Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos, while keeping the Psychic theme in tact.

Most people would thing it's outrageous and not worth doing something this odd. However, the deck was possible thanks to one single card.

Psychic Path allowed him to recycle his removed from play Psychic types after a synchro summon, combined with D.D. Survivor for many big synchros while maintaining advantage. Combined with cards like Creature Swap and removal cards such as Fissure and Smashing Ground, this deck could potentially turn into another anti-meta deck if handled properly.

For the time being, this went from experimental deck to a deck that had a good run at a tournament. And while it didn't win to Lightsworn (lost to a Heavy Storm top decked), it was controlling the deck during the entire match.

More updates on this deck as it keeps evolving...

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