Monday, January 18, 2010

Speaking my mind...March 2010 List.

Alright. I have heard all there is to hear about this upcoming banned/restricted list for March 2010. However, there are still some things that could be in there that people aren't seeing.

First off, let's go with the obvious:

Judgment Dragon- Common sense tells me it's simply going to get limited to one. It's going to stay a threat, but not as horrible as before. Get rid of one and it's gone for good.

Other LS cards- Lightsworn decks might get some other stuff affected, such as Charge of the Light Brigade, Solar Recharge, and a few of their monsters such as Wulf or Lumina.

Zombie players are also fearing, for they wonder if Mezuki will live to see another format. Nobody knows...yet.

Also, would Burial from a Different Dimension get affected somehow?

Gladiator Beasts most possibly will get a pass this list, however, I believe Blackwings will have their fair share of the list...minimum if any, but somehow it might get tweaked.

Now then, this leaves off to one of my main concerns, mainly as an anti-meta player. There's one common card that all top decks side into, which is used way too much to generate advantage in mirror matches.

Could Kycoo somehow find himself in the list? I hope not!

Also, Tragoedia is finding himself in nearly every deck after French Twilight topped a Jump. Could we be seeing the titan have a dent in his armor?

Brionac will definitely go to one, as he should have been once he was released. It's been at 1 in the OCG, so it only makes sense.

Rumors of Brain Control are going around that it could get banned...really? I know it's great and all, but never saw it as ban-worthy.

Also, could we see Starlight Road affect the number of how many Stardust Dragons we may have in the extra deck? This was also based upon a rumor.

However, it's only two months until we fully know what will happen.

So until then, I already got my guesses out there. Feel free to debate the speculations as you wish...

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  1. Stardust wont get hit this upcoming list. Konami wants to sell Starlight Road tins as much as they can before they hit Stardust.


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