Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shooting Star and Scar-Red

Star Strike Blast has some new incredible "boss" synchros. And for once, they are actually quite simple to summon (unlike the Savior dragons).

(Effects weren't written down due to not being 100% confirmed yet)

First runner is Scar-Red Nova Dragon, the easiest one to summon by far.

All it needs in Red Dragon Archfiend and 2 tuners for the summon.

Flamvells can summon it via Rekindling (summoning Firedog, Magician, Archer, and Baby)

One RDA with 2 Deep Sea Divas is another way.

Blackwings can use Blizzard to revive Mistral to gain easy access to 2 tuners.

Junk Synchron + Turbo Synchron is another excellent way of doing so.

Fish can also do it, considering they can summon Formula Synchron like nobody's business...

And speaking of Fish...

This guy is going to get abused in Fish once it comes out!

I think Fish decks can bring this guy out with little to no effort.

Summon Coelacanth and proceed to swarm with 1 Oyster Meister, 2 Royal Swamp Eel, and 1 Golden Flying Fish/Metabo-Shark. All while keeping Fishborg Blaster in your graveyard or hand to discard for Coelacanth's effect.

Tune RSE with the first lvl 4 Fish to make Stardust, then tune the other RSE with Oyster to make Gungnir (can't wait for this card to get to the TCG) and leave off a token.

Discard a card to special summon Fishborg from the graveyard and tune it with the token for a Formula Synchron.

Proceed to go nuts.

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