Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zero Fish: Destiny Edition

Well, I'm off to take a break from Fish for a while. Need to take some time with another water deck and refresh ideas for Fish. But before I go on that fishing break, I will leave here the other version of Zero Fish.
This one uses Destiny Heroes (mostly Malicious and Dasher) and a few other Dark monsters to feed both D-Draw and Allure.

While not my favorite version of Fish, it's one of the craziest ones I have done.

So here it is:

And with this last Fish deck in some time, I go off to search for other water decks to turn to.

Perhaps the Ice Barriers from HA02, or maybe giving another shot at Sea-Serpents...

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  1. no Aoi for hand control? Personally, best Water tech in the game


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