Monday, July 5, 2010

Zero Fish: Redux

Lately, I have been working on a newer version of Zero Fish.

While it is still mainly a Fish deck, it uses Absolute Zero as a secondary boss. The traditional win condition for Fish is still here, the synchro swarm.

However, this deck differs in a few ways:

1. It uses Future Fusion to dump Coelacanth/Treeborn mostly, instead of being focused on Zero itself.

2. While this deck uses only 2 copes of Zero (mainly to have more space on the synchro options), 2 Miracle Fusions and 1 Future Fusion are mained.

3. With Miracle Fusion and Phantom of Chaos, D.D.R. is being considered over Symbols of Duty.

4. Like Genex Fish, this deck uses Symbols. But to differ, it runs only 1 copy due to only 3 normal monsters in the deck.

5. A single copy of Trap Stun has proven useful, as you will face constant threats to Zero when your opponent has no monsters. This is just a good measure.

The deck has been testing quite well for the time being, and while I have considered using D-Heroes instead, this version is the closest thing I have to completion.


  1. Siempre quise probar el sincro fish, pero el constante numero de manos muertas siempre me preocupo demasiado.

    El deck se ve bastante bien, aunque algo me dice que vendria bien alguna carta que genere descarte, como un raigeki break o 2.

  2. Veo donde puede ayudar el Raigeki Break o alguna otra carta de descarte. Lo pondre en consideracion y voy a ver como me va.


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