Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Power...

Well, I'm stuck with no power anywhere I go due to a hurricane that came here yesterday (and one storm supposedly on it's way). Until I can manage to get some electricity back, there will be no updates...

Hopefully there should be some power back soon (managed to update from Starbucks), but it's already day 2 without electricity.

Speaking of electricity, I have taken interest in the Watts.

More to come once the power is restored in my area...

1 comment:

  1. Great blog. I hope you get power back soon =)

    Double Watthopper = win. They can't target with card effects or attack. It's worth keeping Starlight Road just in case they go nuke.

    Wattgiraffe + Royal Oppression = Abuse. Wattgiraffe will make you unaffected by Royal Oppression for a turn. Wattdragonfly is immune to Royal Oppression when it is destroyed by battle.

    Wattfox laughs at Gladiator Beasts.


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