Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tournament Report: GW Local

Well, it looks like the local tournaments are making a comeback, even though it might be slow. While I did find out about it last minute, I decided to enter with my Blackwings to give them a try.

Round 1: VS Gato (Infernity)

Game 1 I opened with Thunder King and Oppression, so I pretty much had great control through the entire duel.

Game 2 was quite the opposite, got the OTK and bad...

Game 3 was pretty much back and forth, but in the end his Infernities proved to me too much for me to handle there...

Match 2: VS Lightsworn

A blast from the past, I faced the deck I once destroyed every week when I had Vanity Gadgets. I wanted to see if my Blackwings could take them on.

Duel 1 was a quick victory for me, but the other 2 duels weren't exactly the best games I have played.

The third round I won by bye, so it was pretty much 1-2 for the day. Not the best tourney, but that happens from time to time to everyone...

But I wasn't the only one down on luck...Casper managed to make it to the final round, but would his luck prevail?

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