Friday, January 14, 2011

Six Strike - Thunder Blast

Normal Trap

Remove 1 Bushido Counter from your side of the field to activate one of the following effects:
Select 1 monster your opponent controls, and destroy it.
Select 1 card your opponent controls, and return it to the hand.

So the TCG is trying to get Samurais to play differently by relying on counters due to this and Shien's Daredevil. However, this card is simply amazing! Getting Bushido Counters with the new swarm of Samurai should be an easy feat, whether it's on Gateway or on Six Samurai United, there will be plenty of counter abuse.

Asi que en el TCG estan tratando de hacer un estilo distinto de Samurai al de Japon al hacerlo usar mas la mecanica de los "counters" gracias a esta carta y Shien's Daredevil. Pero hay que admitir que esta carta es increible. Sacando los "Bushido Counters" de cartas como Gateway y Six Samurai United sera bastante facil con los nuevos Samurai del proximo set. Es una gran forma de abusar de esta mecanica.

This is the best use of the counter mechanic since the last batch of Alien cards in Crimson Crisis, and this one so far is also being very well developed. Not a fan of Samurai, but even I have to admit when something is nicely done, especially if it promotes a mechanic not too often used.

Este es el mejor uso de la mecanica de "counters" desde las ultimas cartas Alien en Crimson Crisis, y esta le puede pasar. Y aunque no soy muy fanatico de los Samurai, tengo que reconocer una carta bien hecha cuando la veo, especialmente si es para una mecanica no muy comun.

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