Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tournament Report: Wizard Locals 1/29

While my last tournament I took Mausoleum Fish, I decided to take Frog Fish this time around and compare both decks during the tourney.

Round 1: vs Glads

Got paired up against my best friend on this one, so it was quite challenging. Game 1 was won via quick swarm, while game 2 was lost due to Gyzarus shenanigans. Game 3 was the real intense one, going back and forth between the duel with both sides pushing for game on occasions. Last minute Coelacanth topdeck won me game 3.


Round 2: vs Lockdown Burn

Don't dismiss it as weak, because this round was quite tough. Game 1 was won with first turn Coelacanth OTK, but game 2 was lost due to a misplay. Game 3 was quite intense, with both players down to less than 2000LP and any move could be definitive. Gungnir and Lava Golem won me that one with a lucky Pot of Avarice draw via Gold Sarcophagus.


Round 3: vs Gravekeepers

Game 1 was a little slow, with my opponent hacking away at my little defenses with Assailant and Descendant. However, a lucky Cold Wave and Coelacanth combo won me this one on both occasions for a 2-0 match.


Round 4: vs Infernity

The roughest match of the day, dueling against yet another one of my best friends. So my Fish shenanigans weren't a surprise here either. Game 1 was lost real quick due to both a bad hand and Infernity was better set up during this one. Game 2 was my time to shine, disrupting my opponent's swarm attempts with 2 copies of enemy controller and then ending the game with Shooting Star Dragon. Game 3 went just like the first, getting beat quickly due to inferior setup on my part. Also, first loss of the day.


Top 4: vs Blackwing

Game 1 was over quickly due to a bad hand, but Game 2 went quite smoothly with the Cold Wave/Coelacanth OTK for a quick win. Game 3 was going the same way, until Intercept Wave ruined my OTK by being chained to my Mist Wurm. Stayed with no hands and managed to stall with a wall of frogs, but I couldn't recover on time.


Ended up placing 4th today, which really wasn't all that bad. Had a lot of fun and really got to see how Frog Fish did in this environment when compared to Mausoleum Fish. But hey, I walked out with the new double deck box with the Crimson Dragon logo in the back.

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