Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Selection

One of the most awesome cards I have played in my side-deck in quite a while.

Pay 1000 Life Points. Negate the Summon of a monster that has the same Type as a monster on the field, and destroy it.

Essentially, it's a budget-friendly option to those who are looking to add a little more control to their side. Most decks in our meta today focus all on a single type: Gravekeepers (Spellcasters), Samurai (Warriors), Karakuri (Machine), Blackwings for Japan (Winged-Beast), Agents for Japan (Fairy), Dragunity (Dragon/Winged-Beast), Fish, X-Sabers (Beast-Warrior/Beast), and Frogs.

Due to the huge amount of single-typed monsters these decks play, this card can be essential to stop an opponents play on either of these 2 scenarios:

1- Your opponent already has a monster of Y-Type on the field and summons another one of said type, NEGATE!

2- Your opponent summons a monster of the same type as you have, NEGATE!

This is why this card is so good in mirror matches. Even if their field is empty, you can negate simply by having a similar type on your field.

Essential cards that The Selection can negate in mirror matches:

1- Shi En
2- Blizzard (Instant-Synchro)
3- Dragunity Dux (Same as BW)
4- Coelacanth (Watch out for those Oyster Tokens)
5- Gravekeeper's Spy/Descendant/Recruiter
6- Faultroll
7- Karakuri/Gadgets
8- Swap Frog
9- Infernity Archfiend/Necromancer (Yea, they still get I put them)

There's quite a ton of possibilities with this card in a well placed side-deck. Try it out and see how unexpected it can be. Your opponent will never see it coming. Plus, it's 1000 less than Warning...and budget friendly!

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