Saturday, April 30, 2011

EXVC Sneak Preview Event

Found some time to report on today's festivities (insane trade-athon). Here's a few notable things from today:

Everyone was very excited about either the new Tech Genus cards or the Psychics.
Life Stream Dragon was only pulled once today.
Neos Knight appeared a lot, but only in ultimate form.

I had a chance to duel against the new Psychic deck, and it's pretty good. They can recycle like nobody's business and can make instant comebacks. However, if you know their weakness, taking them down is extremely easy.

I managed to get copies of Salvage Warrior and it's really amazing for Bushi-Destroyer. Abolutely loved that card.

Got most of the Meklord things, but thinking to mix them with Machina or Karakuri.

I'm really curious to see Tech Genus in action, I hope it turns out to be a good deck.

Overall, it was a pretty good set.

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