Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reborn Tengu

One of the newest cards from Extreme Victory, Reborn Tengu has already shown us that it can be a big time player in both synchro and exceed decks alike.

Una de las nuevas cartas de Extreme Victory, Reborn Tengu ya ha enseñado que puede ser una gran carta de impacto para los decks synchro y exceed.

4 stars/Wind/Beast-Warrior

When this card is removed from the field, Special Summon 1 "Reborn Tengu" from your Deck.

Remove for anything (tribute summon, synchro, tribute as cost for an effect, ram into monster of equal attack, remove from play) and get another one from the deck at no extra cost? Yes please!

Remueve para tributo, synchro, tributo como costo, batallarlo contra otro de mismo ataque o removerlos de juego. Y todo esto para sacar a otro directamente del deck? Si

Use it with Deep-Sea Diva or Pleaguespreader for a double 6 synchro summon. Tribute it for a monarch and get another Tengu as well. Also, Tengu can now help boost Rank 4 exceed summons just by it's effect alone, since it replaces itself with another copy.

Usalo con Deepsea-Diva o Pleaguespreader para sacar un doble synchro nivel 6. Usalo para tributo para monarca y saca otro Tengu. Tambien, Tengu ayuda ahora los exceeds rango 4 por su efecto solamente.

I already can't wait for this card to come out, since I'm sure it's going to be a very good card someday. I'm just glad it's the Sneak Preview promo card...

Ya estoy ansioso para que salga esta carta, ya que se que va a ser una gran carta en el futuro.

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  1. genial para varios decks que sin duda jugaran a 3 copias; Servira bastante para achicar el deck y jugar mas rapido, no solo para plaguerspade o diva que son raros de ver en deck tops, sino spore o glow-up bulb en decks plants o lightsworn.

    bottomlees, and search.
    torrential ,and search
    compulsory, and search.
    dimensional prision, and search.
    Ryko, and search.
    syncro-tribute-exceed summon,and SEARCH.

    book of moon, no really xD.

    Good post , is the first of my favorite blog with the notice.

    Greetings from Santiago,Chile.

    by sAgA


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