Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Crusader


When a Level 5 or higher monster is Special Summoned, you must Tribute this card. Destroy that monster.

Pretty interesting control card. While it would have been better if it negated, destroying a level 5 or higher special summoned monster is still no laughing matter. Gets rid of most synchros, Cyber Dragon, Machina Fortress, Master Hyperion, Gladiator Beast fusions (most notably Gyzrus), Dark Armed Dragon, and Judgment Dragon to name a few...

Es una carta de control bien interesante. Mientras seria mejor si negara, destruir monstruos de nivel 5 o mayor que son invocados de forma especial no es nada para reirse. Elimina a la mayoria de los synchros, Cyber Dragon, Machina Fortress, Master Hyperion, fusiones de Gladiator Beasts como Gyzarus, Dark Armed Dragon y Judgment Dragon para nombrar algunos...

Best part, being a warrior means it not only has more support, but it's easily searchable.

La mejor parte, ser un guerrero no solo le da mas ayuda, sino que se puede buscar facilmente.


  1. TKRO does the job better.


  2. TKRO unfortunately is not legal in Asia outside of Japan.


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