Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dark Ascension: New Mythics

With more and more cards being revealed for the new set, I stumbled upon a few of the mythics to be included in this set. Let's take a quick look at them:

First up, we have a new card for Spirit decks. Seems a bit expensive for a creature, but then again, you can't mess with flying, double strike, and lifelink all in the same time. Not just that, Reaver fuels a good draw engine whenever you gain life, whether it's by one of it's attacks or by any other card. So perhaps we can see a strategy that involves increasing life and card drawing in some way.

Just like every dragon card, it has a high cost and it flies. However, this one is quite interesting, since it can provide a nice buff for your creatures for that turn. And it can be done as many times as you can provide mana for, so it's quite good. However, don't see it in any Innistrad themed decks. Perhaps it's too early to tell.

A possible hybrid between human and vampire decks? Don't know, but it seems that this card will surely benefit from a deck of that kind. The sacrificing a creature in order to be indestructible is a very good effect, as you can sacrifice vampire tokens, for example. But perhaps with the new cards that produce human tokens, this card can become quite deadly indeed.

And last but not least, we got ourselves a Planeswalker!

Producing vampire tokens to protect itself, nice! Giving your creatures a nice attack boost, also nice! Select up to 3 creatures or planeswalkers, destroy them and then take control of them afterwards? Now, that's completely insane! No doubt, Sorin packs a punch in this one. Taking creatures is really good, but the ability to also take planeswalkers puts this into a whole new category. Surely, Sorin will be a valuable asset to any deck that can use him.

Well, those are all the mythics we know of for the moment. More stuff to come as it unfolds.

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  1. The dragon reminds me of Inferno Titan, except Inferno Titan has that inflict three damage when he is cast and when he attacks (I think, I don't own a Inferno Titan, only a Grave Titan lol).

    So you can either choose the dragon that buffs shit and flies or the Inferno Titan that kills weenies and can make himself stronger if you play Red.


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