Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Verz, My New Interest

Every time new stuff for Duel Terminal comes out, I always have one specific archetype I'm loyal to. At first, it was the Ice Barriers (yeah, that didn't go well), then I moved on to the Genex Ally (really fun deck), and finally moved on to Ritua (not calling it Gishki). However, when the Verz arrived, they caught my attention in a big way.

I really like how they are "contaminated" forms of previos DT characters. What makes it even better is that they actually have some potential to be a pretty fun deck to use. Yeah, there's a version out there that's mostly for Rabbit shenanigans, but I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about a deck mostly made of Verz monsters.

I like how they cover a lot of bases with their range of effects. They can swarm quite well, as well as manipulate the field (but that one takes a bit more time). What really impresses me are the Xyz cards, which are contaminated forms of one of my favorite archetypes, the Ice Barriers.

I'm going to see if I make a deck based on these guys, just to mess around. Heck, these new things are the only thing keeping my YGO spirit alive until I can find a place to go that I like. Oh well, off to test with the Verz deck.

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