Saturday, February 18, 2012

March 2012 Banlist

Edit: List is 200% legit, so this time there won't be any revisions.

Well, it looks like the original list I posted and then deleted turned out to be the real list after all. However, I'm still skeptical about it, due to all the shenanigans it's caused in the last few days (created a bit of disbelief due to post/delete/post process). So I'm just going to post the list and then save my analysis for later, when I make sure the list is 200% legit. But from the looks of it, it's already being confirmed as the real one due to other V-Jump scans being put alongside it.

So here we go...again!

"Seems Legit"

Glow Up Bulb
Trap Dustshoot

The Agent of Mystery Earth
TG Striker

Lightlord Summoner Lumina
Emergency Teleport
Shien's Smoke Signal
Level Limit Area B
Torrential Tribute
Ultimate Offering
Reborn Tengu

Call of the Haunted

Analysis to come later, once all this mess is sorted out.

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