Thursday, February 2, 2012

Battle Pack: Epic Dawn

So Konami finally made a set that's ideal for sealed play! News article here. What I'm loving is that it's only $1.99 for a 5-card pack (contains one rare, 3 commons, and a foil card). The set contains 220 cards in total, so it seems like a fun and cheap way to get new stuff and have fun at the same time.

But what really caught my attention are some of the cards revealed for this set:

- Gem Knight Pearl
- Doomcalibur Knight
- Forbidden Lance
- Gorz, Emissary of Darkness
- Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon
- Tour Guide of the Underworld

That's right! Tour Guide gets a reprint. Pretty good, if I say so myself. But there's still more to be revealed from this set. Since it comes out in May, there's still plenty of time to see what more goods it will bring.

But for now, I'm loving that I can finally try out sealed play in YGO at last. And as a bonus, I can finally buy a cheap booster and not feel bad about it.


  1. wow, they're copying MtG =P

    Konami listening to the players is quite interesting since:
    a. players want cheap cards
    b. players want to draft now apparently

    of course, makes me wonder if they're going to do something outrageous after this.

  2. It is weird to have a reprint of a card that doesn't get the OCG zone.

  3. Beat you to it, Gizer ;) This is amazing news. Possibly the best TCG product ever for the average player.

  4. This is very interesting. I read the article and it's going to be like this:
    - A rare card with a new type of lettering that can turn the duel around (could be anything, seriously)
    - A common beatstick (Rai-Oh? Breaker? Cyber Dragon?)
    - A common low attack - usefull effect card (like Sangan & Spore f.e.)
    - A common spell or trap card
    - A joker card that can be completely random and can be in foil.
    Not only that, they're gonna have (previously) OCG exclusive cards in there, like Gemknight Pearl? (and not to forget, a TGU reprint?)
    And that for 1,99$/pack? That's cheap, considering this is Konami we're talking about!
    I'm looking forward to this, more than the Ra Yellow Pack or the upcoming Gold Series :-O


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