Sunday, April 11, 2010

HS-Unleashed Pre-Release Promo...

Well, May is almost upon us and it's time to look ahead to the next expansion! This time around, the promo to the next set is Blastoise.

(Credit to Pokebeach for the image)

It's a Stage 2, 130HP Water pokemon with a retreat cost of 3 and double weakness to electric.

It's Poke-Power is "Washout" and it's effect reads...

You can use this power any number of times during your turn. Move 1 Water Energy attached to one of your Benched Pokemon to your Active Pokemon. This power can’t be used if this Pokemon is affected by a Special Condition.
This is quite a good card to have if you want to distribute your energy supplies between the benched and active pokemon. Combined with Feraligatr Prime, it can be quite effective. Why combined with Feraligatr? Let's see it's main attack..."Hydro Launcher"

For 2 Water and 2 Colorless energy cards you return 2 Water Energy attached to Blastoise to your hand, and do 100 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon without applying weakness and resistance for those pokemon on the bench.

Combined with Rain Dance, you can be guaranteed to do 100 damage every turn. Quite good, huh? Let's see where this idea goes...

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  1. Wow, following the other patterns, I assume this card will be in our HS Unleashed set meaning, this card + Feraligatr Prime will make Blastoise the best sniping card once Garchomp C is out. I will definatly be playing this card with Feraligatr because being able to knock out benched pokemon pretty much 100% of the time is AMAZING something I noticed is that with Blastoise and Feraligatr together, this deck would have a pretty major weakness to Lanturn once Luxray GL Lv.X is out would you know any other cards you could add to this deck to make it better? I was thinking Donphan prime, but I'm not sure.

    If I could make a decklist for this card after when DP/P sets are no longer playable, I would probably make it something like this:

    Pokemon - 26
    4 Squirtle HU (HS Unleashed)
    3 Wartortle HU
    3 Blastoise HU
    3 Totodile HS
    2 Croconaw HS
    2 Feraligatr Prime HS
    3 Horsea HU
    2 Seadra HU
    1 Kingra HU
    1 Kingdra Prime HU
    2 Mantine HS

    T/S/S - 24
    4 Pokemon Communication
    4 Rare Candy (If they get remade in this new set)
    3 Professor Elm's Training Method
    2 Energy Exchange Device (If it gets made)
    4 Rocket's Trick (If it gets made)
    2 Ruins of Alph (If it gets made)
    2 Pokemon Collector
    2 Pokeball
    1 Professor Oak's New Theory

    Energy - 10
    8 Water Energy
    2 Double Colorless Energy


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