Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarkhan the Mad

Well, Rise of the Eldrazi is almost here...and I'm still not hooked (mostly due to just 1 card came out for my Kor deck). However, it is full of some interesting stuff. First off, the introduction of the colorless cards (the Eldrazi), the Level Up mechanic, as well as a few new things.

However, one thing that caught my attention was one of the newer planeswalkers...

Sarkhan the Mad, this thing looks pretty suicidal at first glance. However, I quickly reverted to see how incredible it could be in a Jund deck. Since Jund has an abundance of powerful dragons in it's arsenal.

Despite the fact that Sarkhan is pretty suicidal in this version (hence the name), it's final effect isn't one to take lightly. Heck, you can even bring this planewalker out after you have gotten rid of the previous version of Sarkhan, having a pretty good setup with various 4/4 Dragon Tokens at your disposal.

Even though I'm not a Jund player (Naya FTW!), this card can seriously pack some serious heat for those decks.

That's all the MTG I got for today...

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  1. I would just use him to make 5/5 flyers and to get free cards until it dies. XD


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