Friday, April 30, 2010

New side-decking options

With Drillplants topping SJC and starting a new "Bandwagon Effect" and Infernities arriving this weekend, we are going to have some new side decking options as well as new anti-meta options to be running.

So what do we focus on?

Drillplants and Infernities both take great advantage of the graveyard, so anything to put their own graveyard against them can work:

D.D. Crow - Classic option for any Dandylion or Infernity in the graveyard.

Soul Release - Remove the above said cards and a few other threats like Quickdraw from being recovered.

Banisher of the Radiance and Dimensional Fissure/Macro Cosmos - No graveyard is a good way to let these decks flop in their strategies, just beware of the Dust Tornadoes and Smashing Grounds.

Kycoo - Slowly remove their arsenal. Dandylion, Quickdraw, Infernity Beetle, Infernity Archfiend, and others can quickly be gone before you know it.

However, these 2 decks also have something else in common...small monsters, so:

We could use Chain Destruction and Chain Dissapearance (gets Infernities, Quickdraw, Dandylion) as an option.

And then there's siding against Infernities alone. Infernities need no hand to win.

As I mentioned before, The Bistro Butcher could be an unorthodox method of getting this done. But there's also Compulsory Evacuation Device and Dark Bribe as ways to keep Infernity players with something at hand.

Those are just a few options for the moment...more options as the game progresses.

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