Sunday, April 18, 2010

New toy for Elves

As if Elf Decks didn't already produce enough mana as it is. Now we have one that will give you tons more mana as it's levels keep increasing. Now, that seems a little out of reach (it might not live to see it's full power), however...if and when it reaches level 5, the army of elves you have managed to assemble in the meantime will bring about something deadly!

Even without Joraga Treespeaker, this hydra will find it's home in many elf decks. With most elves being low mana cost, bringing this thing out will be a walk in the park. Besides, even though their stats are small at first, I have seen those elves grow bigger than the creatures in my Naya deck at times! So beware, elves just got 2 new toys that can wreck face...

I'm on a MTG role tonight it seems...

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