Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Intercept Wave

Good side deck option against many decks being used in today's meta.

Buena opción de "side deck" contra varios de los decks del meta de hoy.

Useful against Fish OTK, Plant Synchro, X-Sabers and even Blackwing decks.

Útil contra Fish OTK, Plant Synchro, X-Sabers y Blackwings.

While it's only baiting a Hyunlei play, or waiting until the "Scrap Wurm OTK" is set in place, Intercept Wave can help even the odds.

No importa si sea una jugada de Hyunlei o esperando para el OTK "Scrap Wurm," Intercept Wave puede ayudar cambiar el paso del juego.


  1. What is this scrap worm OTK that you speak of?

    Oh, and I'm following your awesome blog ;)

  2. The "Scrap Wurm OTK" consists of a synchro combination done with 2 Royal Swamp Eel, 1 level 4 Fish, and an Oyster Meister. Bring out Scrap Archfiend and Mist Wurm, and combined with Coelacanth on a clear field will deal exactly 8000 damage.


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