Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interview with Alex "Mr.Suit" Mitchell

It's been a few weeks since Alex Mitchell came in top 16 at last month's Shonen Jump tournament with Starships. Today, I give you my brief interview with him.

Q: How long have you been playing this game?
A: Since metal raiders

Q: What motivated you to play Starships for the Jump? Was it something you wanted to try out, or did you pick it randomly amongst the other decks you have (if any others)?
A: It was a fun idea I wanted to try out

Q: Do you play any other decks?
A: GK power bond OTK dark scorpions

Q: How did you find the environment at SJC?
A: Almost like a nationals it was fun and i enjoyed myself

Q: Will you be attending the next SJC in NJ and if so, will we see a return of the Starships?
A: Yes I will and who knows what I will play

Q: What got you interested in the starship deck?
A: My friends put it together and I wanted to tinker with it and I decided to play it afterward

Q: Do you wear suits to every tournament you go to, or was this a "SJC Thing?"
A: I usually dress out of the norm the suit thing wll stick forever now

Q: Some said the Starships going far was a fluke and because "there weren't any good players at that jump," how do you respond to that?
A: I played the deck well I didn't stack nor misplay any deck can win so long as you know what to do

Q: What's next for Mr.Suit?
A: LOL nothing major just playing yugioh and doing my best in school and work

Q: Thanks for taking some time off for this interview. Any other words you have for the fellow readers?
A: Play what you feel no matter what is winning in major events if you find some broken combo in your commons make a deck with it


  1. Gizer you kind of messed up at the beginning. You put X-Sabers when it should have been Spaceship.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I already fixed it. Can't blog after a long day, gotta be more awake to do so.


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