Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doing some testing...

With regionals just a few weeks away, I have begun testing possible outcomes for what can go into Vanity Gadgets. And some things I have been testing have been showing some results already...

What I'm testing...

1. D.D. Assailant over D.D. Warrior Lady mostly for experimental reasons...

2. Widespread Dud over Dimensional Prison has been showing quite the interesting results. Dud has that "surprise factor" that D-Prison just doesn't seem to get. However, Prison's removal is quite better. So for now, Dud will be seeing some regional play.

3. Finally decided to try an experiment I normally wouldn't, but with regionals so close, I just had to see why people were doing it. I added Thunder King Rai-Oh to the Vanity Gadgets roster on a temporary basis. You know my view on the subject, but it's something I felt I had to see for myself to deliver final judgment on.

That's all the testing I'm doing for now...so I should update soon. Also, I will be making 2 versions of Vanity Gadgets for regionals, and I will let you (my fellow readers) decide which version to take!

This will probably be the only Anti-Meta deck that will be going amongst my teammates, as this regional is also the debut of "Team Facepalm" (name still under works...)

That's all for today!

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  1. Widespread Dud is a very interesting card indeed =D


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