Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rai-Oh observations...the final results.

Many of you who have either followed my blog for a while or know me personally know how I felt about Thunder King Rai-Oh in Gadgets. I had people left and right telling me to use them back since Vanity Gadgets was created. However, the fact that adding a monster that can contradict the main engine of your deck threw me off.

People most of the time said "learn when to play Rai-Oh" or "you aren't a good player" when asked about the matter. With such unclear answers, I was going farther and farther from understanding why this was done.

However, once I got my hands on 2 copies of Rai-Oh, I had the itch to try an experiment. I wanted to see why many players loved it in Gadgets, despite it's contradictory nature. If nobody would give me a clear enough answer, I was going to find out myself.

And so I placed my 2 Rai-Oh's in Vanity Gadgets. The first week or so of testing, I was confused as to why the contradiction wasn't showing up. I had many situations where a problem would occur, but it ended up giving me advantage.

However, the true test came during my first Regional Championship in San Juan last week. I decided to keep the Rai-Oh's because they were working too well for me. I had to test it against the top decks consecutively to really see if I was going to get any results.

And the results showed. Despite the fact that I had Gadgets in hand or anything, I adapted my strategy to fit the situation. I don't really know how to explain it 100%, but I somehow took out Raih-Oh only when needed. It didn't conflict with the Gadgets most of the time (only 1 match I was upset I couldn't search, but still won) and I ended up surprised.

So to report my final observations, Rai-Oh can be used in Gadgets, but with the right amount of caution. Use it against decks that recruit and search, and you will obtain some advantage. It does add some degree of control (especially in mirror matches), and 70% of the time it will be in your favor, while 30% of the time you might need to thin your deck via Gadgets and you can't.

To those who are skeptical about the idea (as I was a few weeks ago), I won't say "learn to play" or "learn when to summon Rai-Oh" but instead I will encourage you to test it out for yourselves. Some of you may like it, some of you won't. This game is all about what you want your build to be, and not what everyone else says. So if you have some spare Thunder Kings, test them out in Gadgets with some of your friends.

Your results may surprise you, because testing is the best way to solve skepticism concerning issues such as this.

Until then...

*rushes off to locals for yugioh and pokemon*

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