Friday, March 19, 2010

So much going on...

After regionals, I decided that my Gadget deck was finally 100% complete. However, that led me to take a decision to take a small break from building decks (doesn't stop me from making decks on the DS) due to lots of things going on (studies and such).

However, I will continue to be just as active in yugioh. I got my Gadgets, Gravekeeper's, and Fish all ready to duel with the same intensity as before.

However, with the stop of building in yugioh, I have returned to some of the other games I also enjoy.

First off, Magic the Gathering:

With Rise of Eldrazi around the corner, I'm hoping for further Kor support. Worldwake left me rather dissapointed due to the small Kor support, but I'm having high hopes for Eldrazi.

I must finish my Kor deck!

But MTG isn't the only game getting attention again. With the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver for the DS, not only have I returned to playing one of my favorite handhelds of all time, but I have decided to go back to the Pokemon TCG after a 10 year absence!

So now, I will have more stuff to report, since I will be paying attention to all 3 games and probably be bringing updates as well.

In my next blog...a short article about my final observations on Thunder King Rai-Oh.

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  1. Agreed - its nice to take a step back from one TCG / CCG game abnd focus on another one as well if one plays that - I usually mainly play YGO and half the time forget about the Pokemon TCG as last year it was 30% pokemon - 70% YGO - lol - this time i hope to balance out the amount i spend on each to 50-50

    also look forward to hearing your observations on Rai-oh!....


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