Sunday, March 7, 2010

Regionals Countdown

7 days remain for the next regional. For my teammates and I, it will be our very first regional, so it will be quite interesting.

This tournament will also be the debut of "Team Facepalm" as we will try to go far this regional.

Team consists of:

Isgard (Team Captain)
Deck: DAD Recruiter

Gizer (Team Co-Captain)
Deck: Vanity Gadgets

Deck: X-Sabers

Juancho "The Milkman" Vazquez
Deck: Blackwings

Deck: Dark Zombie Synchro

Deck: Inca Assault

Deck: Cyber Dragon

Deck: Gigavise

That's pretty much the team for the moment. I'm hoping we can all compete this regional.

Also, a slight update on the testing I have been doing:

1. Warrior Lady is once again reinstated into Vanity Gadgets (Assailant simply didn't get the job done)

2. Widespread Dud has tested incredibly. D-Prison will go into the side deck for the event, just in case...

3. Thunder King has yet to conflict with my Gadgets, ironically. I'm expecting it to happen soon, as I was quite vocal about the contradiction. However, none of the games have shown that problem yet. More testing is required.

4. Tragoedia isn't doing it for me much, thinking about replacing it for a Kycoo instead. Perhaps also taking out Gale. Don't really know.

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