Monday, February 7, 2011

Dealing with Maxx "C"

So Maxx "C" is going to be a popular side-deck choice now thanks to swarm decks like Six Samurai, Fish, Sabers, and others. However, some will main it. As we know, Maxx "C" will try to force the opponent to stop special summoning if he/she doesn't want to allow you to draw a lot. But what if you could use that effect to your advantage instead and turn the tables?

Maxx "C" va a ser una carta popular en los side-decks ahora gracias a los decks como Six Samurai, Fish, X-Sabers, entre otros. Y algunos lo usaran en su main deck. Como ya sabemos, Maxx "C" tiene el fin de forzar a tu oponente a parar de seguir invocando monstruos para no darte una gran mano. Pero, que pasa si podemos usar el efecto de Maxx "C" en contra del mismo jugador?

There's a card for that.

Hay una carta para eso.



Each time a player draws cards because of a card effect, they take 500 damage during the End Phase for each card drawn by the card effect.

So now when your opponent uses Maxx "C" to try and gain the upper hand, use Greed as a reversal to punish your opponent for each card drawn this way. The more you special summon, the more damage you make. Great way to turn the tables if damage has already been done. But keep in mind, your opponent will still draw, so it's a risk...but too fun to pass up. Swarm decks may want to side this if they see a heavy use of Maxx "C" in their area.

Ahora puedes tener una solucion para cuando tu oponente usa Maxx "C" para ganar ventaja. Usa Greed para castigar a tu oponente por cada carta que robe, cuanto mas monstruos mejor. Es una gran manera de cambiar el rumbo del juego si ya has hecho daño previamente. Pero recuerden que su oponente todavia roba sus cartas, asi que tiene su elemento de riesgo, aunque es muy divertido de ignorar. Decks que invocan mucho pueden usarlo en su side deck si ven un gran uso de Maxx "C" en su area.


  1. i dont think greed is a good way to deal with maxx c. i dont think maxx c will last its hype that long :(

    also greed only deals 500 damage...which is very little and i wont side/main greed for that reason.

    i would gladly take 1000 damage for every extra card i could draw too. so yeah the 500 is kinda small la

  2. The damage Greed offers is too meager.

    A more effective method for removing Maxx "C" is a preemptive Mind Crush or Trap Dustshoot.

    Better yet, make alterations according to Maxx "C". Make sure Special Summoning is the first part of a combo. That way, you wont waste too many resources if they drop a Maxx "C".

  3. I would LOL if people side in "Appropriate" to counter those that side in Maxx C against them. Much lolz to be had.

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