Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tournament Report: Wizard Locals 2/12

Another week, another tourney. But with the new Samurai released, it was hard to pick which deck I would take. But I inevitably decided to use Blackwings for once.

Round 1: vs Macro

I managed to play one of the kids from the store that we took under our wing to help him improve. And improve he has, this isnt a pushover. This kid came at me hard with early Dimensional Fissure and Survivor plays. He maintained field presence and controlled the game so well, I was happy to see how he improved. But all in all, I managed to work around Macro to win the match, but it wasn't easy. It's good to help kids get better at this game, because then you have rewarding matches like this.


Round 2: vs Plant Synchro

Such a torture to play. Was playing against one of my teammates, and a heavy thinker at that. Game 1 was back and forth, with him summoning LADD first turn. Managed to work around all his threats and beat him for game. Game 2 was so intense, with a back and forth duel that got stalled with his Consecrated Light going against my Armor Master. Time ran out and by then he had more life than I did, and we had no time for a third game. So it was declared a draw.


Round 3: vs Scrap

All I can say...curse that Scrap Dragon! Game 1 was over pretty quickly thanks to a quick Shura swarm, but Game 2 had me losing quite fast thanks to Scrap Dragon. Game 3 was pretty much like the first, but back and forth with a quick Icarus Attack determining game.


Round 4: vs Blackwing

First mirror match ever...pretty difficult. Game 1 was over quick due to opponent having bad hand. Game 2 was a pretty much even match that I ended up losing due to a misplay with a Book of Moon and Rai-Oh. And Game 3 was just over too quickly to tell.


Overall, it wasn't so bad. I ended up placing 5th which is still not bad. I saw a few fixes I had to do here and there, but overall it was quite fun.

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